Flowers for Graduation: Being a Part of Someone’s Success

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Flowers for Graduation: Being a Part of Someone’s Success


It doesn’t matter whether you are a high school student, or a college senior, Spring season signifies one thing – graduation. The senior students will be bidding goodbye to their school and university lives and will be moving forward into the next phase of lives. But before they move forward, celebrations take place for their awesome academic achievements. When the graduation ceremony time comes around, sending Graduation flower bouquets online is an easy way to congratulate the graduates. Flowers play a traditional role during graduation ceremonies – whether they are being worn by the graduates who are walking across the stage or are being presented to them after the ceremony is finished.


So, if one of your loved ones is graduating this season and you don’t know what kind of flowers to get for him/her, then, here is an exclusive guide which will help you select the best combination, color, and type of flowers for your loved one.


  • Meaning of Flowers or Flowers to be Used – Celebration and festivity are always associated with bright and bold mixed colors. Bells of Irelands are traditional for graduation since they symbolize good luck. Stargazers and ponies represent prosperity and wealth. Irises are associated with valor, wisdom, hope, and faith. Since the graduates will be starting their new life, tropical flowers are the way to go since they symbolize a sense of adventure. Protea can also be used since they symbolize transformation and change. The flower bouquet can be utilized in various combinations, however, the type of flowers needs to be chosen first. If the graduates prefer a kind of flower type, then, it is always better to use that type and color of flowers. Or, it would be a great idea to use flowers which represent the color of the school. Or, you can go with the popular choice of the season and some traditional graduation flowers since they never stop being trendy.


Meaning of Flowers


  • Meaning of Colors -Often, the yellow flowers are provided for job well done and is associated with success, purple flowers are associated with success, accomplishments, and dignity. Orange flowers symbolize excitement, passion for life, and enthusiasm, and green flowers are associated with good luck, youth, and new beginnings.


Meaning of Colors


  • Colorful Arrangements – The last kind of flower arrangements that might be considered are centerpieces or other floral arrangements of that sort. Try to choose an arrangement which is festive and fun and place them on a guest book on a table or near a large card which is being signed by everyone. Else, if a bouquet is being presented, then make sure you place them in a decorative vase as soon as you reach home or reach the place where they graduation party is being held.


Colorful Arrangements


  • Orchids – To present a new graduate, orchid leis are quite popular. The most popular orchid color is purple, white, and green, exactly in that order. In case you are not able to attend in person, then you can have them delivered online to show them that you are immensely proud of them. Another choice is to send orchid plants since that plant will be a great reminder and will grow with them as they start their journey.


Orchids Arrangement


  • Roses – Roses are always classy. Yellow roses are a great way to show admiration and cheerfulness and this is the main point you want to express for your graduate. Orange roses are enthusiastic and unique. Also, do not forget about lavender roses, pink roses, and white roses. It is advisable that you send a bouquet which has all the roses in them.




So, graduation being a celebratory time, you need to make sure that you choose the right kind of flowers and send them. Remember, they are about to start a new journey in their lives. You want to send best wishes to them and want to cheer them on, always.


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