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Top 7 flowers and plants to boost your immune system

Posted by Ocillious 03rd June 2020 0 Comment(s)


Flowers and plants to boost immune system


We are going through a really tough time. There is an epidemic that has spread around the world and everyone is instructed to be stay inside to stay good and sound. For any illness, the most important thing is how you keep your self-healing system strong. The immunity system in the body is everything that can help you prevent any disease or even protect you from suffering from any disease. Here also, the herbal world plays a very important role. Here are top 7 flowers and plants to boost your immunity.

1) Aloe Vera-


Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is one of those plants that have so many different medicinal uses that it is not possible to mention each and every one of them. This is an indoor plant and it can be grown inside home. But, there are some limitations- it has to be planted in a well draining soil; it should not be over-watered; it should be kept in a warm light place. A kitchen counter is a good place to grow an Aloe Vera plant. You can use it in juices. And the most common use of this plant is it is a very useful air scrubber.


2) Andrographis Paniculata-


Andrographis Paniculata


Andrographis is a very bitter tasting plant; it is rightfully called the ‘king of bitter’. It blooms white and violet small flowers annually. For millenniums, this flower is famous in India and Asia for its magical healing power. And now it has become popular in USA. This plant is mostly used to reduce the symptoms of cold like headache, earache, fatigues, cough and fever. A regular dosage of small amount of Andrographis immediately reduces the larynx and tonsil inflammation. It acts as a counter of Acetaminophen.  Send plants to USA is a good online site to order this flower.


3) Snake Plants-


Snake Plants


Snake plant is one of the most easy growing house plants. The main recovery thing it does is it reduces the level of formaldehyde present in most of the household products. People suffering from Insomnia, they can keep this plant in their bedroom, it helps people to sleep. This plant grows in minimal natural light in dry soil. So, even if you forget to water them for a while, they are very forgiving and they would keep thriving for days. You can order flowers online if you do not get these plants in your local shop.


4) Warneck Dracaenas-


Warneck Dracaenas


This is another medicinal plant that has many curative properties. These plants grow in a filtered light. The lesser amount of sunlight it gets, the lesser amount of water is needed. This plant needs moistening when the soil is dry. This plant has a number of medicinal recovery symptom- it reduces asthma and allergies; reduced stress and anxiety ; improve moods and brain function; enhances energy level; boosts self healing process; lower the BP; provide relief from headache and absorbs odor and moulds. Such an amazing houseplant has the power to reduce the common sicknesses that most of the household people suffer from. Having this plant in home is one of the best ways to improve immune system.


5) Echinacea Purpurea-


Echinacea Purpurea


It is a North American herb that has been very famous to cure the snake bites. This herb Echinacea Purpurea is a 400 years old herb that has constantly been named the ‘cure-all’ herb by the native people. It successfully reduces the symptoms and enhance the healing of cut offs, fend offs, cold and flu, fever, sore throats, cough. Most of the herbalists advise a regular intake of Echinacea Purpurea to enhance the immunity of the body. These plants if been used as a gift, is best to be sent mentioning its usefulness along with.


6) Spider Plants-


Spider Plants


Spider plant is another very easy plant to grow. It is a very competent plant that can grow in very versatile environment- low light, high filtered light, no light; but direct sunlight. It needs less amount of water in winter; just the moistening of the leaves will work. Now coming to the medicinal importance of this plant, it is a very good air scrubber. It reduces the specific toxins like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene from the air and enriched the air with oxygen followed by enhancing body functions. This plant helps you how to fight illness in advance.


7) Chrysanthemums-




Chrysanthemums are just like the Aloe Vera- an easy growing and popular flower that might have been present I almost every household but the utilities remain unknown. It reduces the organic elements like benzenes and toluene from the air purifying the air. And the plant can be used in the tea to flavor it. Of course your mother knows how to perfectly grow this plant in the household premises.

Plants and flowers are way beyond than just the perfect gifts. Here are the top 7 flowers and plants to boost immune system.


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