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8 Floral Crafts to Preserve Your Precious Memories Forever

Posted by Ocillious 19th July 2019 0 Comment(s)

8 Floral Crafts to Preserve Your Precious Memories Forever


Flowers are no doubt the best props forever on any occasion. It can not only make the person happy on the occasion, rather they make the occasion worth remembering forever. The flower is one such gift that is available in various varieties. And as the days are passing, the varieties are enhancing. Here are 8 floral crafts that help you to preserve your precious moment in your memories forever.


1) Floral Jewelry


Floral Jewelry


This was a core concept of bridal theme for the aboriginals. The tribes, back in days when there was no jewelry material discovered, used to deck up with these natural beauties. And, now it is coming back in the trend line again. People wear floral bangles, floral crowns, and floral chains to deck up for any occasion. Sometimes, there are occasions which we celebrate making themes and flower is a very attractive and colorful theme. So, in that case, the people can wear floral pieces of jewelry of various colorful flowers to make the occasion look more colorful.


2) Floral Candles


Floral Candles


This is another way of decorating an occasional party. The advantage of this floral decoration is that it multitasks. It not only beautifully decors the party, but also it spreads sweet and delicate fragrances. Also, the candlelight makes any and every occasion more romantic with its beauty to enhance the essence of the ambiance. There are many candles nowadays available in the market on floral themes. Mostly have the fragrance of specific flowers. These decorations are best for the celebrations of anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day parties where there is love everywhere. And such an occasion becomes more and more remarkable with this decorative prop.


3) Dried Flower Shadow Boxes


Dried Flower Shadow Boxes


You can keep the flowers you have received as the most precious thing in your life. You can use a paper box or you can use a shadow box. You can make it decorative as well. You can stick a fabric or a craft designed paper on the back of the shadow box. You can glue Spanish moss on them and stick the bouquet on them. You can create your own designs as well. Make sure they look more like a dried flower shadow box.


4) Bookmarks




When you are to gift someone flowers in a unique way; you can use this ideal idea. But be sure you do not take up real flowers as that can turn this gift into a mess. There are online sites where you can get these bookmarks of floral designs, floral fragrances, and even in both. People who love flowers this will be a remarkable gift for them. You can get this gift from the same day flower delivery shops or sites. This will be a good memory to keep forever.


5) Dry Flowers


Dry Flowers


Sometimes, some gifts are so beautiful and close to the heart that we do not want to leave them. But flowers are mortal- they die. But still, there are ways in which we can preserve the gift and keep the memory afresh with each other. You can hang the flowers upside down and let them dry out. Or you can keep the flowers besides an open window where air can flow and dry out the flowers in the most natural way. It might take a week to dry out completely. If you have received a bigger bouquet, it is best to separate them into small bunches to dry them properly.


6) Press Flowers


Press Flowers


If you do not want to dry the flowers and want them to be as fresh as they look on the first day, this is a better idea. You need to buy a pressing machine that will squeeze the layers of the flowers in even and beautiful shape. Then you need you to keep them inside a book or under the bedding between wax papers or parchment papers. Then you can do many things with them. You can frame the flowers into wall hangings or can keep the frame on your tea table for decoration.


7) Potpourri




Many people love to decorate their home with potpourri. For that, you need to dry the flowers by hanging and air blowing through them and you would also need to press them. Then once the flowers are dried, you need to be very careful because broken floral petals won’t look good in the potpourri. After the delicate handling to dry the flowers are over, you need to put some essential oils and fragrant to make them spread a delicate aroma around the room where you keep them. The aroma that this decoration spreads will make your home a new level of essence.


8) Picture Frames


Picture Frames


Flowers are one of those gifts that make every person smile. And to make their smile last for a longer period of time, there are many ways. One of them is picture frames. If you feel that you want to keep the memories around fresh for you and everyone, you can first dry the flowers they have given to you. Then you can press them on a card with the picture of the person who has given you. Finally, you can frame the arrangement and hang it on your wall. Teleflora is the best place to order flowers online to make memories more beautiful.


Flowers make every memory sweeter and closer to heart. Above are the best floral arrangements to preserve your precious memories forever.


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