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Eye Soothing Plants you should have in your House

Posted by Ocillious 22nd March 2019 0 Comment(s)

Eye Soothing plants


Having plants inside your home is soothing in many ways. Not to forget the benefits you shall have inside your home. Either way, plants are always enhancing the inner atmosphere of the home.

Nowadays, there’s increasing pollution, smoke emitting from the chimneys, and many more things take place. Due to which the indoor air becomes harmful.

Most of the times, the person falls sick not because of the outdoor air but due to the indoor air pollutants. To improvise it, many experts recommend having plants inside the home that maintains the oxygen level and removes the harmful toxins.

Today, in this blog, we have mentioned down top seven eyes soothing plants and send flowers to have in your home.


1. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera


Often people think that Aloe Vera isn’t the nicest plant to have it as it is considered to be a cactus. But there are many nutrients present inside it that can help you out in healing. The core reason why it’s possible is due to the gel found inside the plant. If you wish to have soothing skin or wish to detox the body, it is possible all through the Aloe Vera. It can also help you out in maintaining the air quality inside the home. Once you have clear pollutants which are found in cleaning the air and keep the air fresh and beautiful.


2. Peace Lily


Peace Lily


The second eye soothing plant is the Peace Lily. It’s an air purifying plant and also has a flower that often brings aesthetic advantage. The Peace Lily improves the indoor quality by 60 percent.  You can place some lily plants in moist areas, such as bathrooms, or some other areas. Also the electronics, adhesive, and house cleaning agents emit acetone. Peace Lily absorbs all of it thereby maintaining the level. If you have pets inside your home, then be aware of it as the flowers are harmful.


3. Golden Pothos


Golden Pothos


To have relaxing and calming weather inside your home, you can get the Golden Pothos which is a gorgeous plant. It has the ability to clear the toxins and allows breathing the fresh air. You can use this beautiful plant inside your home by hanging in the living room or kitchen. Once you notice the leaves growing, you’ll see the stunning cascading vines that shall add an aura to the room.


4. Lady Palm


Lady Palm


Though Lady Palm takes time to grow, once it does then it becomes a beautiful sight to the eyes. The plant can reach up to the height of 6-feet. The leaves are divided into the beautiful ribbed, fan-like segments and also look perfect in the low corner of the light. Most of the time, Lady Palm is extremely helpful in targeting the ammonia that turns out to be a common ingredient among the cleaners, textiles, dyes, and many more.


5. Spider Plant


Spider Plant


The one plant that is common and found in many homes is the Spider Plant. It is not only used for the decorative purpose and for easy to grow but helps you in cleaning the ultra polluted air.Spider Plant helps you absorbing the substances like carbon monoxide, benzene molecules, molds, and allergens and it is especially prevented from the dust allergies.


6. Boston Fern


Boston Fern


Boston fern is a very popular indoor plant that has been used since the Victorian Era. You can see them in the living room; display it in the hanging baskets and more. The Boston fern requires a regular amount of watering and sufficient sunlight. It also removes harmful toxins and drifts outwards. You can also use this plant as a good house warming gift option for your dear ones.


7. Red-Edged Dracaena


Red Edged Dracaena


Are you someone who is on the hunt for finding a low maintenance plant? Are you someone who is busy working from office to home and vice versa? Then Red-Edge Dracaena is a perfect choice for you.  It works as an Air Purifier.

Red-Edge Dracaena is an air purifier that reduces harmful toxins from the air. Place it in the indirect sunlight and ensure that the soil stays moist.


So, that was all about the eye-soothing plants you must have inside the home. Remember, your health and the indoor quality of air is essentially important. Therefore, get these plants inside your home to improve the quality.


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