Decorate Your Treats with Edible Flowers

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Decorate Your Treats with Edible Flowers


Flowers are the gorgeous creation but mind you don’t go after their looks. This beauty is highly poisonous.  Obviously one should make sure about its type and nature before indulging themselves. Some of the flowers are being sprayed with harmful chemicals and other pesticides. So either way, you can grow your own flowers or get it from somewhere they don’t make use of a large number of pesticides.

Before using the edible flowers, shake them off and wash them in, cold water. Or you can pluck these beautiful flowers in the early morning where the water content is high. Nevertheless, there are few flowers which can be eaten safely. Prior to you opt to send flowers to do a quick test of each petal. Here’s a list of flowers to help you out in decoring the treats to make it alive and colorful.





The first edible flower is Carnations. It, without doubt, lifts up the taste of your salads and desserts. The basic flavor of carnation is peppery and spicy. They are the larger version whereas the small ones are Dianthus which offers a spice evocative flavor of clove and of course nutmeg. Before using the carnations make sure to shake out if there are insects trapped inside. Also, take out the stamen, sepal and style from the flower otherwise it will make your food bitter some.





Chamomile is feathery leaves with white daisy-like flowers. Often it is used in herbal tea and said that it reduces the stress. It has a very aromatic smell. The bright yellow color center has apple kind of smell. While the leaves and flowers are both edible. Still, make sure to check if you are not allergic to it. Also, essential oils are made from Chamomile which is often found in Spa, aromatherapy and other herbal medicines. Not to forget if you are having inflammation, heartburn, morning sickness, motion sickness etc Chamomile can do wonders for your health.





Since ages, roses have been our favourite among flowers. Considering how it always attracts us with its beauty, they are even edible as well. Sweet, subtle and the overlapping flavor green apples will give you a feeling of contentment. While using Roses for cooking make sure to cut off the white part as it has some bitter taste. If you are planning to decorate your plate with roses, make sure to pluck the petals at last minute. The reason behind is since roses will dry within one or two hours. Likewise in herbal medicine as well roses are used. Simply freeze the rose and water to form ice cubes and serve it for the drink. Perfect. In addition to it send flowers to Los Angeles as a surprise for your beloved ones.





Sweet and perfume like fragrance then it’s Lavender. When the buds are sprinkled on top of wine or cocktails they make it even better than before. One of the most famous ways to use Lavender is used on the delicious chocolate cake. However, remember the taste can be intense therefore add it sparingly. Cleanse the buds properly then dry roast them to take off the floral taste. Once done grind it in coffee mixture for decent texture.  Including a lot of vitamins and minerals can be found in Lavender. The essential oil made from it is often used for skin care.





Marigolds are one of the most common flowers found throughout the year. But mostly in summer and in many places in fall making your garden look vibrant. Since ages, they have been used in medicinal and religious rituals.  The brilliant saffron color blooms and golden hues taste mildly citrus and spicy at the base. Marigolds petal is used in salads and smart drinks. But the pungent smell is a must to avoid. Before using it wash it properly so there are no dirt and sand granules inside.





The essence of Dahlia mainly depends upon soil and the weather conditions where it is grown. But in all, they enhance any dish by simply adding a dash of it. You can add into the salads and allow it to float on top of drinks making it look stunning. One more thing to know is there are a lot of people around the globe who indulge themselves into Dahlia bulbs which when peeled off looks like any root vegetable.





The pretty blue color flower taste like clove with some sweetness. This blossoming flower looks prominent in salads and of course for cake decoration as well. For food colouring, this uplifts it without any sort of toxins as it is natural. Cornflowers can be eaten raw or fully cooked. It has got a very sweet to tangy taste. Often used in tea they are used in healing ulcers, infection, constipation etc.


Although there are the lot of flowers which can be used in our day to day lives. The above-mentioned blog will help you out with decorating your treats. For someone who likes to try everything once in life, flowers can be savored.



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