Crazy Activites You Can Arrange for Baby Shower Occasion

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Crazy Activites you can arrange for baby shower


A baby shower is the most memorable occasion of every parent’s life. Parents prepare a grand ceremony for welcoming a baby in this world. You have planned food, cake, decoration of Baby shower balloons and all the things. Have you pondered on activities? You can add so much fun and entertainment to the party by including crazy activities. We have paid some attention to such types of activities and titrate some innovative games to try in the baby shower party. I hope you will like it and use it to spend the happiest hours in the baby welcoming ceremony.

1. Play Baby Dough


Play Baby Dough


You can pull out the guest’s hidden art by involving them in this playdough activity. Let your guests become a child again; give them coloring dough to make a baby doll or prince charming. You need homemade or store-bought colorful dough. Give them some plastic knives, some colorful sprinkles and pencils to help them make a good craft.  Give preparation time of 15 to 30 minutes. It’s a fun guest who would love to take part and show their creativity. Mom-to-be is the judge and responsible to decide the winner.


2. Having a Baby?


Having a Baby


It’s a very joyful game that will create so much laughter at the party time. This includes the four to five team members in each group. Now they need to blow up the balloon and hide it under the shirt. Every team member has to do it. Once they are ready to say “go”. Now all game players have to burst the balloons with bumping bellies. If you look it harder you can also prefer to use a pin. The team pops balloons faster wins the game.

3. Find the Guest


Find the Guest


This needs little preparation before the time. You have invited all the guests and most guests know each other very well. Take advantage of this and prepare some questions for the invited guests. You can use the printer for faster work. Once all guests have finished the food and they are relaxed start playing this game. Give questions cheat to another person to find the matching guest. For example, find the newly born baby mom or the grandmother of four baby boys and so many. Whoever gives more correct answers wins the prize.

4. Put Pacifier in Baby Mouth


Put Pacifier in Baby Mouth


You will need to print a baby mouth and give it a perfect shape in the cardboard sheet. Enlarge the print so that you get the big baby mouth to hang on the wall. Cut the mouth part and hang stick it on the wall. Blindfold the guests and give them a pacifier. Take them through that wall; they have to put a pacifier in baby mouth. Whoever puts the pacifier first becomes the winner of this game.

5. Blind Dipper Change Race


Blind Dipper Change Race


This game is for the dads and moms who are expert in diaper changing. this is a great session to help those moms and dads to get back in the same motion. You will need two dolls one for each team, some diapers, and the ladies and gents team. Both moms and dads are blindfolded. The doll has worn a diaper, they need to change the diaper and give it to the next fellow. the team works faster wins the game, undeniable moms team.


6. Guess the Baby Food


Guess The Baby Food


It is the best game for those moms and dads experiencing parenthood. Have some jars filled with baby foods. Now cover the lid and put the note and pen in front of this jar. Guests are blindfolded, they have to smell and recognize the food. It’s a tricky thing but guests would love to take part.


7. Baby Shower Bingo


Baby Shower Bingo


The puzzle game is nice to let the guests relax and take part after having food. Every guest has to give a board sheet with a puzzle inside. Guests have to solve the puzzle and then finish it by marking with extra stickers and pencils. One who completes it faster becomes the winner of this game.

Don’t be so frustrated if you are not able to share in their happiness. Send balloons online to bring smiles on their faces.


Games and activities add real-time fun in the baby shower occasion. No extra cost is needed to plan such types of activities. You need to preplan and buy some needed things before the time. Seriously your baby shower moment will be an unforgettable moment for the guests and for you too. You can change some game mode and action using your wisdom.


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