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Corporate Holiday Party Ideas for Christmas that Your Employees Will Enjoy

Posted by Ocillious 23rd November 2019 0 Comment(s)

The Amazing Race Party


Last year the office party was boring and dull. Christmas is the time when you make fun, laughter and enjoy together. Before holidays Start Company plans to organize Christmas parties for the office. Most offices do such type of activity for relaxation and recreation. Only food and drinks can not make up the party mood. it must be fun-filled and thrilling. You can add some more excitement and thrill into the party by using Christmas party activities. it will keep entertaining employees for a long time. Surely they will leave for holidays with a smile on their faces. So let’s get it started, take a view on the Corporate holiday party ideas written just below this line.


1) The Amazing Race Party


The Amazing Race Party

the scavenger hunt race theme for Christmas party is inspired by the TV show “The Amazing Race”. A challenging race game is a group challenge where employees are divided into teams to face some challenges for the global scavenger hunt. The team has to stop at the one-stop point where they have to compete for that challenge. You will need a large sized space like a garden, backyard or any large spot. Create more fun by making some Zig-Zag roads, printed pictures, balloons and Eiffel tower, pyramid and inflated globe balloons to compete for pitstop challenges.


2) Play Games & Share Some Drinks


Play Games & Share Some Drinks


Pop-a-shot, skeeball, card games are some arcade games enjoyed in the small scale parties. If you have the least amount of employees you can manage to host the party at your office premises. How can we imagine a game party without food and drinks? Call the caterer to arrange one bar station of cocktails and mocktails. With this also arrange some steaks, some mini grilled sandwiches, some crackers, nuts to fill the empty stomach. Want to give holiday gift at the end of the party in Melbourne can ask for Christmas flowers delivery to Australia from here.

3) Office Talent Show


Office Talent Show


Encourage the employee’s creative side by helping it to let it know other employees. if you know that one is a good singer, one is good at the craft, one is good at playing the piano. There you need to arrange types of equipment matches with their creativity. Now there they are free to show their hidden talent to the company crowd. It will just not boost the mood for the party but also increase the popularity of the employee crowd. You can arrange one fashion talent show where everyone has to dress up in fashion attires and walk on the ramp. In ramp walk show everyone can take part.

4) Holiday-Themed Relay Race


Holiday-Themed Relay Race


Instead of partying and enjoying employees can run for charity and donation. Yeah! It’s a noble task every employee would love to take part in the heart. It can be arranged in festive relays where employees have to run for charity. The employee can also donate some part of their salary to help the poor. A group of the employee can visit the orphanage and some charity organization to offer their donation. it builds a good impression of the company into public areas. Also, the noble task encourages employees to show kindness and humanity.


5) The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


Display ugliness through sweaters. You will get happiness from wearing those sweaters you have thrown in the closet. Every employee has to reveal the ugliness by wearing those old fashioned sweaters. Absolutely it will increase the fun level in party time. The employee can also take part in decorating the office party. Order balloons online for Christmas to convert the office into Celebration home.

6) Guess the Santa


Guess the Santa


Let those childhood days return to life. When we were kids we were most fascinated by Santa looks. Here you can recreate the memories of childhood times by putting guess the Santa theme. Here employees will be asked to wear a Santa costume. Then he/she has to come on the stage, make some conversations. Now employees have to define “who it is”. One succeeds in finding the man/woman earliest will be rewarded with a gift.

7) Photo Scavenger Hunt


Photo Scavenger Hunt

You have to decide on the spots where you can play a scavenger hunt. You have to choose a destination near your office. Now hide some clues with holiday gifts for coworkers. Now their office employee has to do the searching operation. One group identifies the clue has to capture the snap of it as a proof. Now whoever comes with the hidden item and photo proof then rewarded with the holiday gift. This is how everyone wins and leaves the office with a gift in hand.


Team building work is a necessity for large scale companies. Here you can put on some examples by doing such group activities. They're a group of employees who accumulate in one place and display how teamwork opens the doors of success. You can take inspiration from decoration ideas for a party to embellish the office into the Christmas spirit. Party activities are mentioned in the article. The central focus of writing this article is to let the employee feel relaxed and cozy like home in the office. I hope we are overcome by this expectation. If you like to share your comments you can write it just below this comment section.


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