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Colorful & Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Decoration Ideas for All

Posted by Ocillious 26th November 2019 0 Comment(s)

Colorful & Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Decoration Ideas for All


You will have a lot to do from your list if you are hosting the Thanksgiving feast this year. You are all busy carving the turkey and baking the pie and you totally forget about the thanksgiving decoration which is equally important if you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. Though the Thanksgiving decorations are not as lavish as Christmas they shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t worry because we have got you covered and we are here to make Thanksgiving decoration for you a lot easier. The best part about our thanksgiving decoration is it is super easy, quick and also cost-effective. Thus decorate your home with these below colorful and unique thanksgiving centerpieces and make this special day extra festive and have a great time with your loved ones.


1) DIY Balloon Centerpiece


DIY Balloon Centerpiece


No party can be planned without balloons. You can make a beautiful balloon centerpiece and use it as a Turkey Day table runner. You can take different colored and different sized balloons to make a table runner. You can also use leaves and foliage to make this table runner even prettier. This is a great decoration idea because balloons are quite inexpensive and you can get creative with this decoration idea and create a lovely Thanksgiving meal decor. Get insights on thanksgiving home decorations from our online gift site and make your Thanksgiving ready with these lovely home decoration ideas and décor.


2) Outdoor String Lights


Outdoor String Lights


If you are hosting a Thanksgiving meal outdoor, this is a great idea to decorate. You can choose these soft, frosted bulbs and get the mood set while you are feasting outdoors. There’s nothing more lovely than eating warm apple crumble under the glow of golden lights. Also, you will have some amazing shots in this beautiful décor. So deck your dining in your backyard or garden decorating with string lights and have one of the memorable Thanksgiving dinners.


3) Use Painted Pumpkins as Name Tags


Use Painted Pumpkins as name tags


If you want a perfect sitting arrangement for your Thanksgiving meal, then this is the cutest way to make it possible. You simply have to decorate the pumpkins with colorful paints so they will look pretty and you can also decorate the pumpkins with lovely and stunning flowers. You can make name tags using papers and sketch pens and you can also give these as party favors to your guests. This will be a beautiful gesture and your guests will really appreciate the time you have taken out for preparing these pumpkins. These are some amazing centerpieces ideas for thanksgiving decorating which you can also give it as thanksgiving gift to your near and dear ones.


4) Gorgeous Floral Pumpkin Centerpieces


Gorgeous Floral Pumpkin Centerpieces


You can give a makeover to your dining table with the setting of pumpkins. You can decorate the pumpkins and if required also paint the pumpkins. You can also decorate the pumpkin with flowers of bright colors and decorate the flowers and pumpkins in such a way that they create a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner. Even dried flowers will look so good with the pumpkin arrangement. Thus an artful floral centerpiece with colorful flowers and pumpkin will look so beautiful. Buy thank you flowers online and express your gratitude to your loved ones through fresh and stunning flowers.


5) Prepare a Festive Wreath


Prepare a Festive Wreath


Thanksgiving décor is all about natural elements and so fall wreath is no exception. You can turn to sprigs of fresh greens, oranges, cloves, kumquats, and another harvest bounty to make a festive wreath. You can make a nice wreath out of these things and decorate the wreath at the entrance of your home. You can also deck up your tall windows and plain walls with these festive wreaths to make it look festive for Thanksgiving.


6) Make a Gratitude Tree


Make a Gratitude Tree


You can display your thanks with a gratitude tree. To make a gratitude tree you have to gather boughs and branches and put them in a large burlap-wrapped vase. You can also add some ornaments, photos of the people you are thankful to and also some handwritten thank you notes from your loved ones. This gratitude tree is one of the best decors for the Thanksgiving feast. Order thank you balloons and surprise your near and dear ones with these cheerful balloons to convey your thanks to them.


7) Apple Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Apple Thanksgiving Centerpiece


We have always loved the idea of incorporating the fall harvest in the Thanksgiving tablescape. You can take freshly picked apples, leaves and branches cut from your backyard for this Thanksgiving décor. To make this setup look even more attractive you can add a few pillar candles that would together create such an elegant décor that too in the most inexpensive way. So choose natural elements like an apple for creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece for this day. You can get elegant thanksgiving decoration ideas from our online gift site and deck up your home space with lovely decoration.


We hope these colorful and unique thanksgiving centerpieces help you brighten up your space for Thanksgiving and Holiday season.


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