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Decor Your Balcony with Colorful Window Box using Flowers & Plants

Posted by Ocillious 17th August 2019 0 Comment(s)

Decor your Balcony with Colorful Window Box using Flowers & Plants


We all have a love for decorating houses. The best natural way of decorating is to bring in the garden. Some people live in so small houses or flats where there is no single place to make a small garden. Here is how you can decor your balcony with colorful window boxes with flowers and plants.


1) Dresser Drawer Window Boxes


Dresser Drawer Window Boxes


If you are one of those persons who love to use and recycle things that they do not use anymore, you are very special. If you have a not used dresser drawer, bring the front of the drawer into the world of creativity. Now to give an amazing look, attach them to your front window boxes. You are actually utilizing one of those things to make your garden which you were going to throw in the trash. What else can be greater than this!


2) Planting Boots


Planting Boots Window Boxes


We all have shoes that we do not use anymore or is not in the position of using them as shoes. But somehow, you haven’t thrown them in the dustbin. Bring that thing in, wash them properly. And put some soil in the boots. Then plant some small plants seeds and hang them from the grill structures of your balcony. Water them daily and very soon you will find your unique garden idea is turning into reality. Such a window box garden will change the outlook of your house.


3) Lattice Window Box


Lattice Window Box


We all have those extra wood strips that we neither use nor throw away. Now bring some of those uniquely shaped wood strips and give them good finishing. Now join them with each other and give a basket look. Now pour soil into them and plant some lettuce to give it a nicer look. You can make designs by planting the lattice in the border of the small garden with other small plants. As you place the boxes outside the home, they must be made and finished with weather-resistant cedars. Also, the lattices will grow till 5.5 inches, by summer.


4) Succulent Indoor Window Box


Succulent Indoor Window Box


It is one of the best cascading flower box ideas. In these boxes, it needs some special treatment for the choice of the plants. It is best to make a window box inside the house with no spaces in between and hang them along the inside of the glass window. Fill them with fresh sand and powdered soil. They will need more care to become the proper base. Then put some of the best small succulent plants together and let them grow. Your unique inside garden will be a point of attraction for those who visit your house, for sure.


5) Chevron Pattern Window Box


Chevron Pattern Window Box


There are varieties of designs for window box garden but this one is the personal favorite one. Chevron has a specific colorful stripe design that makes them unique designs. You can create plain white window boxes and then paste colorful wooden pastel stripes on them. But if you are tight in budget, then you can just paint uniform stripes on the boxes in your small garden. Choose your favorite small and easy growing plants there. Also, you can send flower bouquets from the fresh garden for your beloved as well.


6) Wood Pallet Window Box


Wood Pallet Window Box


A window pallet can also be used to make your beautiful dream of having a small garden turn into reality. Set the wood pallet outside the longer window garden with a minimum height of 32 inches. Make sure the drainage system of the pallet box is perfectly maintained. It is best to use black potting soil. You can grow small fantasies like nine o clock, daisies in your small garden. The other best part of having this is it drains the excess water. SO the flowers grow easily and are ready to send for same day flower delivery sites.


7) Fancy Trimmed Window Box


Fancy Trimmed Window Box


It is another amazing way to bring perfection to your beloved box garden. If you trim the trees every day, not only they grow well but also freshness will be lingering all over them. If you have a mirror glass window glass, the garden will look more perfect on the combinations. You can make your garden look dashing by your DIY skills. Get the perfect plants for attractive window boxes.


Above are the best ideas for those who are mad for gardening and also for those who are striving to become one. Such garden idea will make your garden best in the colony.


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