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8 Classy Styles of Flower Arrangements for Various Occasions

Posted by Ocillious 22nd July 2019 0 Comment(s)

8 Classy Styles of Flower Arrangements for Various Occasions


Flowers are gorgeous and beautiful also they are one of the best gifts that would help us convey our wishes to our loved one on their important occasions. Flower Gifts are best because they are nature’s elements that help us convey our emotions and feelings to our friends and relatives on their special day. Flower arrangements are enhanced version of flowers. Flower arrangements are made with the help of flowers, foliage, floral accessories, and a nice basket to make our wishes even more special for our loved ones. Also, Flower Arrangements are versatile gifts that can be given on occasions like wedding, birthday, graduation, house warming and many more occasions. Thus we are here with 8 classy styles of flower arrangements that would make a perfect gift for any occasion and also increases the ambiance of the party with its presence.


1) Elliptical Flower Arrangement


Elliptical Flower Arrangement


In this type of flower arrangement, flowers are arranged in a circular manner in the form of an ellipse. This way all the flowers will be properly visible and the flower arrangement will look very gorgeous. Flowers Arrangement in Elliptical way is made out of different flowers like lilies, roses, sunflowers, dahlia, and many other flowers. The flowers used in this type of flower arrangement are also sweet-scented and bright colored flowers.


2) Fan Shaped Flower Arrangement


Fan Shaped Flower Arrangement


This is one of the classiest flower arrangements you will ever see. In this type of flower arrangement flowers and its leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan that would give it a very charming look. You can flowers of similar colors or different colors in a way in which it complements the green leaves resembling the flower blades. These types of flower arrangements are ideal to be presented in wedding, anniversary, housewarming when you want to congratulate your dear ones.


3) Vertical Flower Arrangement


Vertical Flower Arrangement


This vertical flower arrangement is one of the most common ways of arranging flowers that are flower bouquets. Combinations of different flowers are used to make this vertical flower arrangement. This type of flower arrangement is popular all across the world and admired both by flower companies and customers. For making this flower arrangement various floral accessories and foliage are used to make it more attractive to the receiver. Send birthday flowers to your dear ones living far away from you and wish them a very happy birthday.


4) Horizontal Flower Arrangement


Horizontal Flower Arrangement


Reputed florists around the globe are also using this flower arrangement on a large scale. Different flowers are arranged in a row in a zigzag manner and other ways to create a nice top view of the flowers. Generally strong scented flowers and used for making this type of flower arrangements. One can also use the same colored flowers to make this flower arrangement look bold and convey your feelings through that particular color of flowers.


5) Triangular Flower Arrangement


Triangular Flower Arrangement


Nowadays we witness a trend that has a combination of sweet treats and flowers in flower arrangements. As the name suggests the flowers are arranged in a triangular shape and for adding beautification to the center you can either load it with treats or with a bunch of some other flowers. The flowers are usually covered with glossy and transparent cellophane paper so they can be protected against heat and stay the same for the longer time duration.


6) Oval Flower Arrangement


Oval Flower Arrangement


Here in this flower arrangement, long-stemmed flowers are more used. The green stems and leaves of the flowers are trimmed and are arranged in a bouquet or basket in such a way that the flower arrangement looks oval when you look from the top. In this type of flower arrangement, the flowers look dense and busy from outside and are widely used for decorating the venue of different occasions and also for home décor.


7) Crescent Flower Arrangement


Crescent Flower Arrangement


Crescent Flower Arrangement resembles the crescent-shaped moon that is basically C shaped. In this flower arrangement, the C shape is made with the help of stems and the middle part is filled and decorated with flowers, green leaves, and stem fillers. This type of arrangement looks really wonderful when you are hosting a dinner and thus can be kept on the dinner table. You can also decorate with satin ribbons and glossy flowers to make this arrangement look even more beautiful.


8) ‘S’ shaped Flower Arrangement


S shaped Flower Arrangement


This type of flower arrangement is in the shape of S is usually bigger than regular bouquets are flower arrangements. The S shape is made with the help of long stems and foliage and the center is made pretty with flowers, leaves and floral fillers. This type of flower arrangement looks very gorgeous in a wedding decoration on the center stage or at the entrance of these parties. Send Flowers online to your friends and relatives on their important occasions and convey your wishes to them in the form of gorgeous flowers and flower arrangements.


Thus these are few best flower arrangement styles you can greet your near and dear ones with on their beautiful occasions and convey your wishes.


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