Church Alter Decoration with flowers for Wedding Occasion

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Church Alter Decoration


The wedding is one of the most auspicious ceremonies of mankind. We all have different rituals regarding the wedding that varies with our religion, caste, and community. Usually, every religious wedding takes place at the worshipping place of those religions. Hindus take the newly married couple to the temple, Muslims to the mosque. Likewise, Christians do their wedding rituals at church. Now the decoration of the church for the wedding is very much different and special. Here are 7 alter decorations with just flowers for wedding occasions.

1) Pedestal Flowers Arrangement


Pedestal Flower Arrangment


Pedestal stands are very common inside the church. There are always flowers in those beautiful vases. But the wedding decorations are different. You can decorate all the aisles and the pedestal stands with white flowers and floral chains. Adding colorful bows will add special attention to the floral decorations at the place. The reason for putting white color flowers is the bridal color is white. But the peach color of the lavender color combination will also be very much attractive alter decorations for the ceremony of the wedding.


2) Table Vases Side of Couple


Table Vases Side


Flowers are the best ways to express their feelings of love and gratitude. SO the floral decoration for the ceremony of the wedding is very much relatable. Besides, a place-like church the decoration needs to be subtle yet beautiful. There will be a place where the couple will sit. You can put longer vases filled with flowers beside them. It will be very significant to differentiate the couple’s place from the others attending the wedding. You can order flowers online for this special decoration.


3) Garland Table


Garland Table



There will always be a table inside the church around which all the rituals will be carried off. The vows the couple will take and the priest will be standing at one side of the table. Decorating the table with colorful flowers is a beautiful altered idea for the wedding. There can be colorful flowers including sunflowers and tulips. You can also arrange a chain of small white flowers to decorate the edges of the table. This will look amazing as this table decoration will be separate from the other flower decorations of the church.


4) Utility with Candle Arrangements


Utility With Candle


Some couples celebrate another ceremony on their wedding occasion. That is the enlightenment of their unity candle. If the couple wants their utility candle lightening ceremony to be done with their wedding, then floral decoration around the candles will look perfect. Putting colorful gerberas and hydrangeas around the candles will make a very creative decoration. DO not forget to add some greenery to the flower to make it contrasting. Utility candle stands are available online with cascades around to give them a perfect floral decoration.


5) Potted Plants


Potted Plants


Potted plants are one of those decorations in the church that they can keep and nurture. Church is one holy place that is always clean and clear. There the potted plants will enhance the ambiance of the place. Besides, decorating the aisle through which the bride will come up with the potted plants will be perfect. Those perfectly shaped beautiful acacia plants will look amazing on the wedding ceremony as they add contrast to the whole occasion.


6) Tulle Garlands


Tulle Garlands


Tulle garlands are made with artificial floral props. Sometimes, it can be cotton balls with colors draped on them. Some other times, it can be made with thin satin net clothes as well. Hanging them from a string on the walls of the church can make it look beautiful as well. These decorations are very neat and are very easy to take off. You can send congratulations flowers to the newly married that can be decorated as well.


7) Flower Petals on Floor


Flower Petals on Floor


Scattering flower petals as the couple arrive at the chapel will be a fun and creative idea of decorating the church on the wedding occasion. It solves two purposes. One it decorates the aisle through which the bride and the groom will reach to the low-stage. The other is such an activity can be a note of welcoming the couple to their new life as well.

Church itself is a decorated place to get your marriage done. Still, the above decorations make the celebration more lively and colorful.


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