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Charity Gift Ideas: Give a Big Smile to Orphan Children

Posted by Brijesh 24th June 2020 0 Comment(s)

charity gift ideas for orphans children


Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the entire world. The hunger for love is more terrible than the hunger for food. We can really understand the pain of the orphans but we can at least do something to make them happy. They wouldn’t have parents to shower them with gifts for special occasions and festivals and so we must pamper them with love and gifts for special occasions and days. You cannot really adopt all the orphans but what least we can do is give them the warmth we receive from our parents and shower them with love and affection. If we are fortunate enough to have extra bread at a meal we can donate it to these little ones, we can also give them gifts and make sweet gestures to bring happiness to them. Thus we are here with some charity gift ideas to bring a big smile to orphan children.


1) Art and Craft Supplies

Art and Craft Supplies


Little ones are very creative and they love to draw, paint and do crafts so you can gift them some art and craft supplies like watercolor, paint, paint brushes, craft papers, scissors, glue so that they can get as creative as they can and create some amazing masterpieces. So you can greet the kids with a basket full of art and craft supplies so that they can get as creative as they can. Get orphanage donation ideas from our online gift site and get a sense of satisfaction by seeing those little kids happy and content.


2) Fruit Basket - A Good Food

Fruit Basket- A Good Food


A Fruit basket is a nice gift option because it includes different types of fruits that are rich in minerals and vitamins. These fruits will improve their immune system and help their body if they are suffering from conditions like malnutrition. So fulfill the need for wholesome nutrition to the growing bodies and minds of these kids through a fruit basket. Order fruit basket online and surprise your loved ones with healthy treats on their special day to convey your greetings.


3) A Holiday Trip

A Holiday Trip


You will need permission for this but the kids would be really happy with something like this. You can take the kids to an amusement park, children’s museum, or any foreign destination of your choice. Make their wishes come true and see the light on their face. These kids wouldn’t have gone to any faraway places and this would be like their dream come true. You can get a list of useful things for orphans from our online gift site so that you can surprise and greet them with those things and bring a wide smile on their face.


4) A Surprises Party

A Surprises Party

You can celebrate your birthday with these kids. You can arrange for some delicious treats and a cake to celebrate your birthday. You can also ask the little ones to join you for blowing the candles and cutting the cake. This type of celebration will make the kids so happy because they would have never witnessed such a happy celebration. You can order colorful and bright balloons for balloon decoration for the party and have a beautiful party décor at home with cheerful balloons.


5) Basic Necessities

Basic Necessities

It is so important to fulfill one’s basic requirement and then jump into other things. So provide the kids will some basic amenities like food, clothing, and shelter. Make sure these kids have a proper meal, clothes, and footwear. Once they are provided with basic amenities you can treat them with other things because these basic requirements are very important for their survival.


6) Stuffed Animal Toys

Stuffed Animal Toys


Children are fond of stuffed toys and so you can gift them some stuffed toys. These kids would not have any friends and so a stuffed animal will be their friend. Stuffed animals also help in the development of a kid’s brain and they learn to speak, have empathy, and many other feelings through a toy. Send stuffed animals to your beloved or little kids on their birthday and convey your love and affection to them.


7) Books and Stationery

Books and Stationery


Education is very important and for life, one must be properly educated. This is possible if the child is educated from an early age. These books can be used by multiple kids and it would help teach reading and language skills to the kids. It would also help them develop their imagination. So one of the best gifts you can give to these orphans are books and stationery for their bright future. You can know how to make orphans happy from our online gift site and do what it takes to bring a smile on orphan’s faces.


We hope these wonderful charity gift ideas make the orphan kids very happy and it will make their day.


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