Bring this Summer Flowers to Redecorate Your Garden

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Bring this Summer Flowers to Redecorate Your Garden

Spring is the season where you will be watching beautiful flowers blossoming. Nevertheless, you will be amazed what the summer has filled up for you.

Although the temperature keeps on rising during summer, with proper care, attention and love, let your garden shine brightly in summer. To freshen up your garden we have got some majestic flowers.

It’s an excellent way to redecorate your garden and send flowers from your yard. To find more information about it, keep scrolling down.


1) Dahlia




Layer by layer, soft yet elegant Dahlias are the popular blooms that burst with colors. They are the flowers that start growing from midsummer until the first frost turns up.

Dahlias are available in vast range of colors. Starting from pink, yellow, orange to white combined with yellow hues that will add grace to your garden.

In addition to that Dahlias are the perennials that are tender rooted. They need cool and moist soil pacific coast where blooms may be an inch larger.


2) Marigold




Nothing easier to grow or making you feel cheerful other then Marigolds. They tend to grow all over the summer. Marigolds have the pungent odor which will keep all the insects away.

With fantastic aroma, Marigolds comes in different colors. They are often used in ointments and other home remedies especially in South East Asia.

With little maintenance, care and sunlight Marigold thrives beauty at its best.  The daisy-like look and carnations like flower head produced into clusters, look stunning in your garden.


3) Aster




The star shape flower heads called Asters are the summer and autumn blooms. Displaying vibrant colors of pink, purple, blue and white.

Asters need full sun as well as moist soil with tolerable partial shade. The ever-so-blossoming has tiny leaves and lush look making it enchanted for gifting option.

If there is an occasion coming up then you can always send flowers san Jose via delivery services. Aster symbolizes charm of love and patience.


4) Black-eyed Susan


Black-eyed Susan


Black-eyed Susan is one of the varieties from wildflowers that are largely grown in North America. With their yellow golden beauty, they win everyone’s heart.

They belong to the sunflower family. Also the “black-eyed” is named after purple-brown centers because of its daisy flower-like head.

The Black-eyed Susan can grow over 3 feet tall and 6 inches leaves. Also, it needs full sun exposure, average, and moist soil. Even in hot summers, they can tolerate light shadow.


5) Lantana




Lantana plants also known as Lantana Camara. The appearance of the flowers is like vine-like because of which they are often grown in hanging pots.

The Lantana is called “spreading sunset” cultivars. It has a flower head that is of golden color center surrounded by orange. Soon the orange turns into the pink color looking marvelous.

Rounded clusters of small bright colored flowers are sometimes mixed creating a bicolored effect. The summer months in colder climates are suitable for evergreen perennials in hot regions.


6) Blanket Flower


Blanket Flower


This summer to make your garden color contrasting, plant the long-lasting blooms called Blanket Flower. They belong to daisy family and are very much similar to that of wildflower.

Blanket flowers can be easily grown by sowing the seeds. This flower always needs well-drained soil and full sun location to keep it fastly growing. Also, Blanket flowers are drought tolerant.

Fun fact, did you know the blanket flower was adopted as Texas State University Flower? We bet you didn’t know. With its yellow, scarlet, brownish and purplish base, Blanket flowers look enticing.


7) Zinnia




One of the easiest flowers to grow and delightfully decorating your garden, Zinnias are the best flower option for summer. They are the annual flowers that grow quickly from seeds to blooms.

Zinnias have style, flair and gorgeous colors plus, long stem making it impeccable for a flower vase. The most familiar zinnia is the “Dahlia flowered” that grows up to 3 feet tall.

Make sure that when you sow Zinnia seeds, the frost is completely gone. The rich humus and fertile soil are adaptable for Zinnias.


Gardens are one of the places where one can find solitude and comfort. And there’s nothing more joyous than planting flowers for your garden.

Now that the snowy season is gone, and the scorching heat is upon you, the above mentioned are flowers that you can add it to your garden making a breathtaking sight. 

So, go ahead, let the fragrance and splendor of flowers warm your heart with love.


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