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Best Valentine Day’s Gift Ideas for Your Ex-Girlfriend to Show You Still Love Her

Posted by Ocillious 11th January 2020 0 Comment(s)

Best Valentine Day’s Gift Ideas for Your Ex-Girlfriend to Show You Still Love her


You want to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend. Practically speaking it’s not bad. If you want to exist in this relationship, or you want to show her you still love her, valentine is the right time to say. Valentine's day is the most appropriate date to get her back into life in a sweet and thoughtful manner. 14th February is the pick time to say your feelings remain the same as was earlier. After break up and it would be quite difficult for you to understand which gift will evoke the sentiments. Here we made a quick glance of a romantic gift for girlfriend to get her back in life. Probably it would help you to reconcile and -start a good bonding with your ex-girlfriend.


1) Bunch of Red Roses


Bunch of Red Roses


After break up, you are struggling with how to confess your apology. Flowers' gift is the best alternate for sharing love and affection. You feel bad you hurt and you want to regain her love, gift her bunch of red roses. Red rose is the most applicable gift when you want to share your feelings to her. It reflects happiness, love, and care. Red rose for valentine's day is signified to speak an abundance of feelings without saying a single word. Share red rose bouquet nicely arranged in a romantic theme. For sure the freshest blooms will give you a chance to give a fresh start to your relationship.


2) Gift of her Choice She Always Wanted


Gift of her Choice She Always Wanted


The gift of choice delights the mood. You buy a gift of your choice but it might happen it would not delight her heart. Instead, think of buying a gift of interest to her. You were in a relationship for a long time. You must be aware of her likings, her interest. She might be longing to buy something which she cannot afford to buy. Grab this opportunity and buy her a gift she was looking for a long time. This will immediately bring a smile on her face. Also, it helps to let her know that you still keep thinking of her.

3) Makeup Kit of her Choice


Makeup Kit of her Choice


Girls are obsessed with make-up kits. They can’t live without makeup. So the makeup kit would be the fascinating gift to draw her attention towards you. Look forward to in the online shop to buy the brand make up kit she chooses for the makeover. Or you can gift her branded makeover kit including makeup brush, sponge, foundation, sunscreen to enhance her blushing beauty. For sure it would take your relationship to the next level.

4) A Romantic Card with Flowers and Chocolates


A Romantic Card with Flowers and Chocolates


Although roses tell a story of love your words matter a lot. A greeting card with flowers and chocolate is a nice gift to cherish the good memories you spent with her. You want to regain a relationship and want her back in life, compose a good message and then write it down in the love card. You can also attach some beautiful photos and some beautiful memories attached to it. For sure it will melt her heart. Gifting girlfriend flowers and chocolate will recall the romantic moments. So be it to take her back in your life.

5) Romantic Teddy Bear


Romantic Teddy Bear


Supermarkets and online shops are flooded with romantic teddy bears to say you love her. Teddy bear is a cuddly and pampering gift to soothe her painful heart. You have spoken disheartened words to her, her feelings are hurt. You have no words to speak, let her feel it with teddy bears gift. Send romantic stuffed animals customized with those three magical words or an apology word. It is an appropriate manner to share your feelings and to give a new way to your relationship.

6) Red Velvet Cake


Red Velvet Cake


It’s a nice approach to reach your feelings to her heart. Still, there is hope in mind she would turn back; red velvet cake is the right selection. The red velvet cake symbolized for romance, love and care and passion. Red is the color of love. A heart-shaped cake tells the story of love on behalf of you. No need to say anything, just send her a red velvet cake and to say “let's fall in love again”.

7) A Photo Frame of Her Favorite Moment


A Photo Frame of Her Favorite Moment


Reconciliation gift ideas can push back to join in a relationship again. Here I choose to do something special. She has won an award for her achievements, or you have created a special romantic date. If you have a memorable photo of any favorite moment of her, frame it and give it to her. The frame must be personalized in a romantic way. This may give a new mode to your relationship.

8) Pick Something Special from Your Relationship


Pick Something Special from Your Relationship


It really goes on how deeply you are connected to her. You had gone somewhere and you have the memories of that moment, share it with her. Like you had gone to the funfair and she bought something for you. Or she has gifted something romantic to you on the birthday. You have split heart key chain or anything which can be shared as a token of love. This might look weird but truly it will evoke the sentiments. Valentine flowers delivery is also one good substitute to give a erase bad memories and give a fresh start to the relationship. Your efforts will take her back to those romantic days. And this is enough to begin a relationship with new thinking.


If you really want her back in your life, choose the best gift for Valentine's day from here. We are human beings sometimes conditions are not in our hands. But we can try to cope up and reconcile. So if you have are not able to let her go from your life, pick the valentine gift from the above list. The reconciliation gift will burn those bad memories. This shows you still think of her and you won’t let her allow to let go of her life.


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