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Beautiful Orchid Flower Along With Their Unique Types

Posted by Ocillious 18th June 2019 0 Comment(s)


Orchids are one of the most popular names in the blooming world. Scientists have discovered that it has more than 25,000 species in the world. People all around the world choose this Orchids Flowers Delivery to set on the office desktop to decorate an indoor plant and to decorate the celebration. It is mostly renowned for its array of color and variety of fragrance. It is so popular in humans for its captivating beauty and alluring fragrance. Here we talk about some most preferred orchids to that are world famous. Take a look at the list mentioned down.


1. Phalaenopsis - Grown Orchids



Phalaenopsis is popular for ease of growth. For beginners, this is a good start. One can learn how to grow orchids using this species. Phalaenopsis has thick and long stems. It looks more appealing for its fatty leaves and range of colors and shades. This can resist 50 to 75-degree Fahrenheit temperature. It is mostly found in a nursery but because it is easy to care and grow as a houseplant.


2. Cymbidium - Boat Orchids


Cymbidium orchids bloom in the cool winter period. It looks versatile for its long and thin leaves which can increase up to 4 feet. Though it has small flowers it attracts al for its long and thin leaves. This is a very popular flower for a houseplant. It comes in bright pink, lime green, and yellow shade. a single stick has several sprays and it is long durable for up to 10 weeks.


3. Dendrobium Orchid - a Genus of Orchids



Dendrobium orchid is more popular for its heavy bloom one stem. This is a long lasting flower bloom fully in summer and slows in winter. Horticulturalist also named it as a “den”. This has beautiful shades of white, purple and bright yellow. This flower needs a sunny exposure so it is good to plant for outdoor garden. With good care and watering this flower can stay up to a month.


4. Lady’s Slipper Orchid



This is different from other orchids for its pouch-shaped lips. One stem has only one flower. This wildflower also named as Cypripedium. It has only two leaves per stem. It blooms in early spring and mostly found in the woodlands and forest. There are so many species available in this flower. This is easily accessible in a nursery to bloom the garden in late winter or spring. it is called lady’s slipper for its different shape of a lady’s footwear.

5. Jewel Orchid



Jewel orchid is most popular for its foliage and variegated leaves. The foliage has silver and white veins with dark green leaves. Some species contain flashy leaves with orange and white veins. This is one of the most popular orchids used to grow not for its flower but for its beautiful foliage.


6. Disa Orchid



Disa Orchid is not so popular for gardening and plantation. Disha orchid has a small flower but the stems are extended up to one meter. It has triangular shaped petals and white and orange stripes in it. this needs the humid and wet temperature to grow. it quickly dies if temperature if the environment is not suitable.


7. Dracula Orchids



The Dracula orchid is named as a dragon for its long and splendor tails. The uppermost part has a warty texture that resembles the dragon’s eyes and the column side looks like a nose. This has around 90 species and horticulturist explores more species of it. it needs partial shadow and cool temperature to grow. it has a wide lip that attracts the insects for pollination.


8. Laelia



Laeila orchids are mostly found in western Mexico south to Bolivia. it has leathery and silky leaves and has petals with thinner texture. It has a variety of beautiful species and recognized as one of the most beautiful orchids in the world. It needs a partial shade; direct sunlight may lead to the death of the plant. It mostly blooms in the cool winds mostly in the winter season.


9. Miltonia - Pansy Orchid



Miltonia orchid is a long-lasting flower that can keep blooming up to 6 weeks. Pansy orchid is the most preferred flowering plant for an indoor area. it bears a mild fragrance just like roses. Pink Lemonade Miltonia has a strong fragrance while white has a soothing fragrance. They are the best houseplant to decorate homes and offices. Cool weather is preferable and stays longer in moderate room temperature.

horticulturist also try to hybrid and try to develop and find more species of it. the orchid flower has thousands of species but we have curated the list of some of the favorite orchids. you want to decorate a celebration or want to share a beautiful bouquet, you are free to contact us and order flowers online at any time of the day. if you want to plant an orchid garden or want it as a houseplant, just look for the climate and soil suits to this plant. so that you can easily manage to grow orchids in your homes and offices.


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