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Awesome Facts you do with your wife to fall in love once again

Posted by Ocillious 27th February 2019 0 Comment(s)

Awesome Facts you do with your wife to fall in love once again


Getting married should not be the end of your love story indeed it should be the start of it. Because after marriage the real journey starts being with each other and taking your love for each other to peaks. Couples make efforts so that the relationship works properly but what so ever there comes a time in your marriage life when everything wouldn’t go so smooth and you would not be really happy. For this, each relationship after marriage needs some extra efforts to once again blossom the relationship. Thus we are here with awesome facts you can do to your wife and make her fall in love with you all over again.


1. Join Her for a Deep Conversation


Join her for a deep conversation


Talk something beautiful with her, not the family matters or other things but something which she loves and admires. You can talk about life, her aspirations from life and you and something that makes her happy. This is something that would make your bond stronger and you will fall deeply in love with each other again. Ask her about her priorities at this point of life and also ask if she is still passionate about all the things she was years back. This way you will get open to one another and transform into a happy relationship.


2. Express Your Love for Her


Express Your Love


After marriage, this is the biggest thing that causes problems. Before marriage, you would have expressed your love for her in so many ways but now when you know she is all yours, you would have stopped doing all those sweet gestures. And from here things go wrong. So once again start showing your love for her through surprising her, bringing her flowers, calling her randomly, taking her for long drives, go for dinner dates and even pen down a love letter and express your feelings for her.


3. Be Loyal to Her


Be Loyal to Her


Loyalty is the pillar of any relationship, trust and loyalty are based on which a happy relationship stands. Do not do anything wrong to her or anything that would hurt her. Always be truthful, commit your mistakes but never lie. Because one small lie would lead to a number of lies and it would destroy your relationship. Be with her emotionally and physically whenever she needs you. Be so genuine that you will be the first person she comes to if she is in need. Send Flowers to your near and dear ones to wish them during their special occasions.


4. Help Her in Work


Help Her In Work


Take the initiative to cook or clean the dishes. It is not only her responsibility to do all the household chores. So always be a helping hand and start helping even before she asks. There can be days when you can tell you will make breakfast or dinner. On weekends help her doing the laundry or cleaning the home. If you really love her all this would come from within and this is the true way of letting her know how much you love her. Any woman would appreciate these efforts and initiatives.


5. Understand Her


Understand Her


Listen to her if she is trying to make a point, do not keep on arguing. Put yourself in her shoes and then react to the problem. Many relationships fail because after some point of time the partners do not empathize each other and keep on doing they feel like. Try to know what is coming in her way that she is not acting accordingly. Try to understand her and this way the relationship works. At times you would even have to compromise but that’s okay if it is required for a healthy relationship. And if you would go way out to be with her and understand her you will also get the same things in return.


6. Give Her Space


Give Her Space


Do not try to occupy center stage in her life. Let her enjoy her life in her own terms and do not try to validate what she can do and what she cannot do. You guys are matured enough to take several life decisions so do not interfere in some cases. One thing both of you should take care of is do not do something that would hurt each other or damage your relationship. Every person requires some personal space where they have completely blanked out. Leave them on their own for a while till the time they are mentally stable to take a decision themselves.


7. Grow Plants for Her


Grow Plants for Her


Nurturing plants or animals have done right to many relationships which were actually going wrong. You can get saplings and grow them in your backyard where both of you can spend some time together in the morning or evening while nurturing them along with having some quality time together. These plants would act as your own kids and your relationship will have a turning point and it will be for your own good. You guys would even celebrate when these plants would bear their first fruits and flowers and you will treat them as your own child. Send Anniversary flowers to your sweetheart at her office and give her this beautiful surprise.

These are some golden rules to a healthy relationship and doing all these will take you ahead in life as well as your marriage. We bet you guys will fall in love with each other again.


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