Top 10 Aromatic & Glossy Flowers that is best for your Bedroom

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Top 10 Aromatic & Glossy Flowers that is best for your Bedroom


We sleep about 229,961 hours in our lifetime. Along with these hours add the time you spend in your bedroom except sleeping like spending leisure time, reading books, laying on the bed with your loved ones thus this time almost half of sleeping. Thus you spend some major part of your life in your bedroom and so you need to pay attention to your important room that is the bedroom. You can make your time in your bedroom more lovely and soothing by having some aromatic and fragrant flowers that will make your mind and body relax. Also, they will add attractiveness to your bedroom by being one of the most charming home decors. Thus we are here with top 10 aromatic and glossy flowers that are literally best for your bedrooms.


1) Gardenia




Gardenias are one of the most popular flowers as bedroom plants. They have glossy and evergreen leaves which can light up any corner of your bedroom. They are natural sleep inducer and thus will also help you sleep better. So if you are searching for a good bedroom plant Gardenias is one of the best choices as a bedroom plant. This combination of white blooms and the heavy scent is perfect for your bedroom. These flowers are native to tropical and subtropical regions and are very ornamental flowers.


 2) Jasmine




Every one of us loves Jasmine because of its fragrance as well as its prettiness. They are too one of the best flowers for your room and will make a perfect roomie in your bedroom. Jasmine helps you increase your productivity by boosting your alertness. So Jasmine is the best buy to make a pretty corner in your bedroom. They are also considered one of the most fragrant flowers and their white delicate flowers are also used to make perfumes. You can plant them in your bedroom window as at night the air will drift its fragrance into your room.


 3) Lavender




Lavender has the capacity to spread its lovely fragrance all over the room just like its name. These fragrances can soothe the whole environment around. It is also proved that it helps one in reducing stress levels and also pacing down the heart rate and relax. Both flowers and the foliage of this herb produce lovely and aromatic perfumes and can create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom. Hybrid Lavandin lavender is one of the most fragrant lavender species of this flower.


 4) Gerbera Daisies


Gerbera Daisies


This plant has the quality to enhance your mood and make you jolly right after you catch its glance in your bedroom. These are very cheerful and bright colored flowers. They are available in different colors like pink, orange, white, and yellow and will spread positivity in your room. Send flowers to Canada to your loved ones on their special days and occasions and convey your feelings through lovely and fresh blooms.


 5) Cestrum




Cestrum flowers are known as night-blooming flowers. These beautiful flowers grow in any climate and thus are known as the evergreen flowering bush. Thus if you love scented flowers they are best for your bedroom. Its fragrance can mesmerize you and the flower is full of beauty. Every time you will enter your bedroom its fragrance will help you relax your mind and brighten up your senses.


 6) Dianthus




Dianthus is a spicy fragrant and old fashioned favorite flower. They are grown in different colors like pink, white, red and other colors. These flowers are often evergreen clumps of gray-blue and grassy leaves. The taller variety of these plants is very excellent for cutting. Dianthus includes both annual and perennial types. You can also decorate the tall flowers as cut flowers in your bedroom. They thrive in fertile, well-drained soil and they require six hours of full sunlight each day.


 7) Scented Geraniums


Scented Geraniums


There is a huge variety of geraniums you can choose from and each of these flowers has their own special scent. You can choose from fragrances like apricot, apple, mint, lemon, strawberry, and other fragrances. You can grow this beautiful blower in your bedroom. They will add color and scent to your living space making it lovelier. They require light and well-drained potting soil. These plants produce small blooms but they can easily spread their smell with its blooms and leaves.


 8) Citrus




This plant emits the sweet smells of different fruits like orange, grapefruit, and lemon. Just imagine how soothing and fruity it will feel once you enter your bedroom after a long tiring day at work. They can be easily planted in well-drained potting soil, regular watering and a lot of sunlight. This plant can be potted in a pot near your bedroom window so it can easily get the sunlight it requires.


 9) Orchids




Orchids are one of the most popular houseplants as they are very easy to keep indoors. Also, they are available in a wide variety of smells. The fragrances of different Orchids flowers are like jasmine, some are compared to vanilla, other smells more citrusy and still many more. Thus plant an Orchid in your bedroom so that your home will have a delicious scent. Plant a few orchids together as they grow well in groups by boosting the humidity. It is ever popular potted plant and also exotic flower.


 10) Peace Lily


Peace Lily


Peace Lily is NASA’s one of the superstar plants. It is one of the great choices to plant in your bedroom. Peace Lily helps in filtering out harmful benzene trichloroethylene and formaldehyde toxins. They are also very appealing to the eyes. They bloom well in low light so you can keep them away from the window so direct sunlight cannot touch them. Get the best flower delivery by ordering flowers online from our online shop and surprise your friends and relatives by conveying your wishes through beautiful flowers.

We hope these aromatic and gorgeous flowers make your bedroom smell like heaven and create a romantic atmosphere every day.



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