15 Amazing Blue Flowers Collection

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Amazing Flowers Collection


Blue color represents the sky and sea. It is associated with imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, intuition, freedom and open spaces. It is a symbol of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, faith, heaven, intelligence, and stability. Blue color has a positive impact on your mind and body. So, when all these attributes comewith a flower, then you can think of the magic. All these blue color flowers when are in your house is a sign of life, love, and romance. Send flowers online to your near and dear ones. Surprise your special ones by gifting these flowers. Flowers do have the language of their own. The receiver gets the message with your sweet aromatic and colorful flowers.


Here are the list of some amazing blue flower collection with us-


1. Centaurea Cyanus Flower

Centaurea Cyanus Flower


Centaurea Cyanus has blue colored flowers. These flowers are basically originated in Centaurea. This blue color flower that has a shape similar to Cyanus. Send flowers to your mother, sister, brother, and father. These flowers will make your relationship stronger.


2. Heavenly Blue (Morning Glory) Flower

Morning Glory Flowers


This is a tri-color flower blue flower.  It is a fastest growing climber with twining stems. The flower blooms in morning that’s why the name is morning glory. The flower has a sky blue color with the white center. The flowers look similar to the funnel. The flowers can be seen in summer season. Surprise your loved one by sending bunch of heavenly blue flowers. These flowers will make her day.


3. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle Flower


It is a robust perennial flower. The flower has dark green leaves with the white color. Flowers are violet- blue in color and are round in shape. Flowers blooms on silver gray branched leafy stems. Say thanks to your boss on your promotion. Decorate your house with these globe thistle flowers on festive and special occasions.


4. Perry's Blue

Perry Blue Flower


Perry’s blue flower is also famous by the name of Iris Sibirica. The flowers bloom in clusters. Flowers are the herbaceous perennial. The leaves are narrow and star shaped. In late spring to early summer, plant carries the flowers that are clear blue in color with white and yellow attractive markings. Flower develops blue veins during the fall of summers. Enjoy the hot summer with these colorful yet elegant flowers.


5. Hydrangea serrata 'Bluebird' Flower

Hydrangea serrata Bluebird Flower


It has serrated leaves. Bluebird has central florets surrounded by blue to purple other florets. The central floret is fertile while other surrounding florets are infertile. It has small blue sepals. When these small blue sepals fall on the ground it looks like florescent blue confetti. Buy flowers online from our portal. We have classic and beautiful flower arrangements with us.


6. 'Empire Blue' Butterfly Bush

Empire Blue Butterfly Bush Flower


Empire blue is a large butterfly bush. It has arching branches and lance- shaped leaves. It has aromatic blue flowers. The flower is rich in nectar. It attracts humming birds, birds, insects, butterfly and other pollinating insects in the garden.


7. Sour Grape flower

Sour Grape Flower


Sour grape flower blooms from July to October. It is also famous by the name of Penstemon. It is a perennial plant. You can see the grape colored flower blooming in early summer. It has the evergreen lush foliage. Keep these sour grape flowers in your room. The room will be filled with the sweet aroma of flowers.


8. Blue African Lily

Blue African lily


Its scientific name is Agapanthus i.e. Blue giant. It is an herbaceous perennial plant. Flowers are blue in color. The shape of the flower is like the umbels of the funnel. They bloom in mid or late summer. You can put this plant in pots or tubs.


9. Oxford Blue flower

Oxford Blue Flower


It is also known by the name of Eryngium bourgatti. The flowers form clumps of divided leaves. There are white veins with dark blue flower head. Flowers have attractive silver blue colored spiny bracts.


10. Blue Delphiniums Flower

Blue Delphiniums Flower


It is a perennial plant. It has beautiful spires of blue colored flowers. The flowers bloom upwards on sturdy stems. They can be seen throughout the summers. If you are looking at cottage garden scheme, then you can put this plant in your garden.


11. Summer Blues

Summer Blue Flowers


Popularly known as grandiforum. The flower blooms in early summer. It is a compact plant that has sky blue color flowers. They can tolerate the heat.


12. Cornflowers bloom

Cornflowers Blooms


The plant is annual. The flower blooms in summer and is bright blue in color. It has ruffled petals that attract bees, insects, pollinators and butterflies. Enjoy the sweet aroma of these flower by planting them in the front of your house.


13. Periwinkle Flower

Periwinkle Flowers


The plant is called as Corydalis Flexuosa. It has purple leaves. The plant consists of blue colored flowers know as periwinkle. Flowers bloom in clusters and have the beautiful, sweet aroma. It has ferny foliage.  You can see these flowers blooming in spring. The plant may go dormant in summer.


14. Forgot Me Not Flower

Forgot Me Not Flower


The flowers are tiny and blue in color. Blue colored flowers have the pink or yellow center.  The plant develops bright green foliage in summer.


15. Solanum's A Climber Flower

Solanum's A Climber Flower

It is a fastest growing climber. It has small oval shaped green leaves. The plant has the purple, blue colored flowers. The flower has a yellow center. These flowers bloom in summer.


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