Amazing and unique decoration ideas for your wedding

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Amazing And Unique Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding


wedding tradition is a culture where two people tie the knot and promise each other to stay with each other forever. Mostly wedding couples are most excited to make this celebration more beautiful and memorable. if your wedding is kicking soon this article is right here for you. We have come up with the very unique and trendy decoration ideas for the wedding. You can take an inspiration and get the same type decoration at your wedding place. So please see it right down here.

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1. Garland-Draped Ceiling


Garland Draped Ceiling


if you are looking for the decoration with greens garland-draped ceiling is the best idea. You can use various greens like ivy, maidenhair, fren or boxwood. Usually, greens are used as fillers in the flowers. But here you can use greens in making various types of ceilings. For example, a wedding is located in the outdoors you can use these green garlands to adorn the tent ceilings. You can also hang some beautiful chandeliers in the middle of this garland. To brighten up the garlands take LED strings and attach it to Garland. To add color pour some fresh cut bright color flower in between the garlands. Now, this is up to you, you want a simple nature filled roof or want to decorate it with more stuff.


2. Floral Fountain 


Floral Fountain


Must you be surprised with the idea of floral fountain right? If you have a water fountain on the wedding location you can use this to make a unique floral fountain. Surround the fountain area with flowers. Flowers must be float like a fountain. Use Hydrangea and cascading greenery to make an adorable fountain of blooms. Hang the greenery upside to down to make the beautiful fountain image. Once you have done with it, it’s a time to add a drama into it. Get the floated candles and lily pads in the pool.


3. Flower Backdrop


Flower Backdrop


Flowers are the special filters that transform the ordinary wedding into a remarkable celebration. You have all the freedom to use as many flowers to make a beautiful backdrop. The artificial green grass is perfect to make a beautiful ombre decoration of flowers. Insert beautiful flowers into this grass to add an extra freshness into this celebration. If you wish you can avoid the artificial grass and simply hang the flower garlands instead. this will look simple yet give an elegant look.


4. Muted Centerpieces 


Muted Centerpieces


The centerpiece is the most important part of the decoration. You can set this on the entrance of the gate or on the center of the table. You have to look for the flowers that perfectly suits to your wedding theme. Like if you are following a simple white color theme then white blooms will perfectly match with the attire of bride. If a wedding is in spring, you will get the best season flowers. You can use this to adorn a dinner table, the cake table. Use fillers and greenery to give it an impactful decoration.


5. Hanging potted plants


Hanging Potted Plants


if you have a lattice in the wedding reception place you can use this trick. why not use live flowers to add life to a celebration. Use orchid plants, rose plants, hydrangea plants to add a romantic touch. Use the hanging potted plants to make a beautiful backdrop or create a timeless decoration for wedding. You may get some lucky plants to add a luck and goodness in this celebration. potted plants are reusable so a couple can take it as a memento of a wedding.


6. Miniature Tree Decoration


Miniature Tree Decoration


If your wedding takes place in the monsoon and there is no garden there get the garden under this ceiling. Bonsai miniature trees are easily available to move from here to there. It gives a good feel like the garden. You can use these indoor trees to make a beautiful garden around the hall. You can add an elegance of light balls hanged on the branches of a tree. Or else hang small lamps to get the classic look. You can place the tree around the guest’s dinner table or around the couple’s chairs. But it all works on the wide space or a big hall. You can use small plants instead to fill the nature around.


The pretty thing about blooms is that they speak of emotions louder than ordinary words. So here are the Anniversary Flowers to convey your love message to partner. The wedding is the most exciting and joyful journey of life. You need not spoil it with weird decoration. Here we gave some amazing tips on how to décor weddings in style.


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