Valentine’s Day : Different Ways of Celebration Around the World

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Valentine Day celebration around the World


Valentine's Day is around the corner. The shops on the streets have started filling up their display racks. You will find chocolates, teddy bears, flowers and other things that symbolize love.  Some countries express their love in the form of chocolates and stuffed animals. Others have different traditions such as exchanging wooden spoons or other artifacts on V-Day. Some even have occasion for singles or people who are 'loveless' at that point. Thus, all over the world, different people celebrate love in different ways. Let us take a look at how some of the countries spend this love holiday...


Valentine's Day in USA


Valentine Day in USA


The most well-known tradition on Valentine's Day is exchanging cards. You will find many cards throughout the entire nation before the 14th of February. You can pick the one you like. It can be super lovey-dovey, or humorous or even barbarous sometimes. In the older days, the cards were specially handmade and much more personal. The cards were hand hued and designed with seashells and seeds.


Valentine's Day in Canada


Valentine Day in Canada


This day is almost as hyped in Canada as in the United States. Women in this country set high standards for the kind of gifts they expect for the day of love. The men struggle and scramble to get them the gifts. The elevated expectations are something. The valentine's gift can be expensive lingerie, chocolates, and many other things. It is okay as long as the lady is happy. The kids in school exchange cards. They also throw parties in the class with heart-shaped cupcakes and cookies.


Valentine's Day in Australia


Valentine Day in Australia


As the Australians saw the gold rush period thanks to the Ballarat mines, there was a sudden boom in the wealth. People were willing to invest in elaborate Valentine's Day products. The country started transporting orders by the pounds every year. These gifts are intricately designed, carefully handled and are quite expensive. They give you the ultimate sophistication when it comes to getting a present. The beautifully designed box, the satin pad inside, the perfumed flower petals. Amidst all that your little amazing gift. Good enough to flutter a woman's heart.


Valentine's Day in Denmark


Valentine Day in Denmark


This country follows the tradition of exchanging cards. It is 'significant other's card' of Denmark which marks a custom. The older versions of this card was a sweet portrayal of love. When you bring the card in the light it showed the picture of a person giving a gift to their significant other. Another tradition is sending of squeezed white flowers to friends. The Danish people call these gifts snowdrops - even the name gives a hint of romance. Men in the country also send another kind of gift on V-Day known as the 'clowning letter' or gaekkebrev.


Valentine's Day in UK


Valentine Day in UK


The British poets have penned down some of the most romantic poems and verses of all time. Different parts of the country have different ways and traditions for celebrating Valentine's Day. The whole European aura makes the day of love even more special. But exchanging gifts such as cards, chocolates, or send romantic stuffed animals in UK. These are all ways of celebrating Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day in Japan


Valentine Day in Japan


Valentine's Day in Japan is a day of celebration. But the traditions are slightly different. They have 2 dates - 14th of February for Valentine's Day and 14th of March for White Day. On V-Day, the women choose the men they want and approach them with a token of love. The men in the country have to return that affection on the White Day or the 14th of March. Gifts of different kinds are alright but chocolates are a must for this holiday. To the Japanese women, chocolates brought from the market are not a true sign of love and affection. They tend to give handmade chocolates to their beloved to profess their love. Even the gifts are usually personalized. They feel that it is easier to get their feelings across that way.


Valentine's Day in France


Valentine Day in France


In France the custom of 'drawing for' used to happen before. Both youthful and not so youthful people followed the tradition. In this custom, the people in love would go to the other person's house to confess. Then blended with the chosen accomplice by getting out of the opposite window to another. If the fellow fell short of being super excited about his valentine then he would betray her.


Valentine's Day in Scotland


Valentine Day in Scotland


In Scotland V-Day means celebration. The equal number of married and unmarried people come together for the celebration. They write all the names in separate papers and put them in a hat. One hat for the men and another hat for the women to choose for blindly. Both men and women in this country give gifts to their significant other. It is a sign of love or as a romantic gesture on the 14th of February every year.


Valentine's Day in Italy


Valentine Day in Italy


Once upon a time, Valentine's Day was a Spring Festival celebration in Italy. Young people from around the country used to accumulate together. They would gather around in tree arbours or fancy greenery zones during the festival. Everyone would listen to music, compose poetry and share new ideas. But, this tradition has lost its place for a long time now. Valentine's Day has become a much more commercialized holiday in the present times. 


Valentine's Day in India


Valentine Day in India


This day is a day of celebration in and around the world. Even in India V-Day is a huge occasion for all the couples. With the advent of globalization, western culture has seeped into Indian society. All the good inns and restaurants are usually reserved on 14th February. Couples from all walks of life want to profess their love for each other on this day. The couples dress in fine clothes and exchange gifts especially chocolates. Exchanging gifts is a common tradition in the country. But the men in the country need to make an extra effort to please their beloved. Thus, this day is more about pampering the women who bring love and sunshine into the lives of the men.


Chinese Valentine's Day


Valentine Day in China


Well, in China the day synonymous to Valentine's Day is Qixi. It is also known as the Seventh Night Festival. This day falls every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, making it an auspicious day. Women provide offerings of melons and other fruits to Zhinu on this day. They do all the prayers and offerings in the hopes of finding a decent husband to spend their lives with. Couples in love pray for success and satisfaction on this day celebrating love.


Valentine's Day in South Africa


Valentine Day in SouthAfrica


Like many places in the world, South Africa celebrates Valentine's Day by exchanging gifts. Gifts such as chocolates, flowers, jewelry and other tokens of love are frequently exchanged. You can make flowers delivery to South AfricaNot just flowers, any present that symbolizes love and compassion will do. Adoration has many different ways of expression. This country does not have a fixed tradition that the people need to follow on this day. But on this day it is the turn for the ladies to wear their hearts on their sleeves.


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