Complete Guide to Choose Flowers for all Occasions

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Complete Guide to Choose Flowers for all Occasions


Flowers make a beautiful gift to send for any occasion. There is a unique charm of expression in blooms, which makes it easier to express your feelings to dear ones in fewer words. They can make the recipient feel special even in your absence. The vast variety of flowers brings a special message. Each bloom indicates a unique message that it conveys when gifted. Here is a complete guide to choosing flowers for all occasions.


With these, you can easily choose the right ones and stay safe from the wrong pick. There are flowers that are perfect for the specific occasion and we bring you all of the right ones to pick for your dear ones. The blooms are the perfect way to express yourself on the respective occasion. Read more to check out the right flower to choose on specific occasions.




Anniversary Flowers Guide


Just like there are specific gifts for anniversary, there are specific flowers as well for each year. The anniversary celebration is all about celebrating the bond of togetherness and love. So matching these flowers make a perfect expression of love and togetherness. Flowers that can be gifted as per the years are Daisy for the fifth Anniversary, Daffodils for the tenth Anniversary, Roses for  Fifteenth Anniversary, Aster for the twentieth Anniversary, Iris for twenty-Fifth Anniversary and Lilies for the thirtieth Anniversary. You can now buy anniversary flowers by the year online too!


However, Red and Pink color flowers are preferred the most because they represent the meaning of Love and Passion. Yellow is the color to be avoided for this occasion. As the color indicated friendship which is completely away from the celebration meaning. Yellow carnations can be a disappointment as well.




Birthday Flowers Guide


Birthdays are celebrated every year. There is a trend of celebrating birthday year wise with some year-wise gifts. However, make these celebrations, special with flowers by birthday month. There are some beautiful flowers, which have meaning it for each month. Flowers signify joy and friendship in a perfect way.


Blooms have always been welcomed with a big heart on birthdays. They make a perfect birthday wishes to any age.


So here are birthday flowers to be gifted month-wise:

  • January- Carnations
  • February- Violet
  • March- Daffodils
  • April- Daisy
  • May- Lily
  • June- Rose
  • July- Larkspur
  • August- Gladiolus
  • September- Aster
  • October- Marigold
  • November- Chrysanthemum
  • December- Poinsettia


Gifting flowers on birthday to your friend with yellow blooms makes a perfect expression of Friendship. However, this color can be avoided when presenting it to the significant other. Send birthday flowers online with amazing, meaningful arrangements.


Note: Yellow carnations need to be avoided during such times as it indicates sympathy which is completely opposite of the message you wish to send your friend on his/her birthday.


Funeral :


Funeral Flowers Guide

Funeral flowers are typically sent to the funeral home directly to serve as a tribute to the deceased one. However, the size of the funeral flower arrangement can be any but Large and formal ones are very much common. For this occasion, there are specifically three flowers that are commonly used like Chrysanthemums, Lilies, and Roses.


Choosing the right color is very important this time because the case is very sensitive and you would not want to hurt anyone. In fact, the reason to send flowers is to make them feel a bit of calm and hopeful. So the colors suiting for this occasion are Blue, White, and Green. These colors represent Peace, Humanity, and Calmness. They are very much comfortable during sad times.


Note: red and orange are the colors that evoke energy thus, they can be sent when celebrating life events and not for sympathy purposes.


Thank You : 


Thank You Flowers Guide


Thanking someone is usually the rarest case when anyone would want to say it through a gesture of giving. However, if say it through blooms makes the message even more special. The charm of blooms does not need more words to express. Simply sending cards of thank you with blooms can touch the heart of the recipient. This gesture will also encourage dear ones to put in more effort to make your and other’s life happier with their presence.


Thanking someone is one of the greatest gesture to the act of kindness and make the other one feel special for doing so for you. A flower bouquet that reflects his or her personality makes a perfect Thank you gift to send. Knowing His or her favorite flower can be the perfect way to thank them and send thank you flower.


However, if you don’t know the flower type they like then you can simply go with Carnation, Lilies, and Daises. You can also choose flowers of their favorite color if do not know the type of flower. This can also ease your task.


If you are unaware of your dear one’s favorite choice, then simply go with the above mentions flowers and say thank you to them in a most special and memorable way.


Get Well Flowers:


Get Well Soon Flowers Guide


Get well is the time when you don’t know what to say and still want to make the patient feel special and happy. To make them smile by wishing with blooms is a perfect way to do it. Blooms have a special way to make things fall at its place.


Get well flowers has to choose right. Firstly, the most important thing to look into is to whether the flowers are to be sent at home or at the hospital. Sending flowers for hospitals has to be very less fragrant such as Tulips, Iris and Gladioli.


However, for house bright houseplants can lift their spirits as the color symbolizes health and well being. Marigold can also be Confirmed resilience to send for his reception.


So send get-well flowers which are less fragrant and cannot harm the patient with its smell. The freshness of blooms will make them feel fresh and hopeful to recover faster.

Valentine’s Day:


Valentine’s Day Flowers Guide


Valentine Day: It is the occasion of love and romance so Flowers is always the right choice to make your bond long-lasting. You should choose flowers for valentine according to your relationship. If it is the starting of your relationship then give gorgeous lavender roses and tie up for a longer time. And if you are happily married couple then in this situation roses and tulips are most preferable.


Note: Please make sure that if you both are in love then don’t give yellow roses and carnation to each other. Because those flowers signify friendship and disappointment, respectively.


Holiday and Christmas:


Holiday and Christmas Flowers Guide

Christmas is the most special holiday season and festivities celebrated all around the globe. The celebration brings in everyone together to share happiness and joy. Sharing the same with flowers makes it even more special. Blooms are traditionally the part of Christmas celebration. To make this tradition further, here is how you can make the perfectly sent greetings to your dear ones.


Flowers are perfectly suitable for the celebration of Christmas and Holiday season. This is also proved by the research. Thus, making this season special with perfect fresh blooming gifts can be simply amazing. Also, this is the season when most flowers are given.


Flower-like red Poinsettia, Amaryllis, Paperwhites are very much common for this season and make a lovely gesture to send holiday greetings for dear ones. These holiday flowers are popular because they represent Good cheer, and wishes of success as the calendar turn the page.


With these amazing tips and guidelines, we are sure you would go with the best for your dear ones. These flower guides for all occasions will definitely make it the best and easiest way to express your feelings and emotions in the right way. Flowers are one best thing that has happened to mankind. There is no showering of words needed when you have a beautiful bunch of flowers to address your dear ones.


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