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Carnation: Symbolic Flower of Mother's Day

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Carnation is an inspiring flower to appreciate womanhood.  Carnation is a symbolic flower to represent the soft side of woman. For this reason pink carnation is always presented as a gift to woman. Mother’s day is kicking soon and no doubt Carnation is the perfect flower to give a special acknowledgement to the super woman of this world. Why carnations for mother’s day? Let’s take you to the deep knowledge and history of this flower.Send Flowers Houston TX on mother’s day to show what she actually mean to you.

History of Flower

Carnation name is actually derived from the name “corone”. Corone means the floral garland. Scientifically it is originated from the world “dianthus”. This name is given by the Greek botanist Theopharastus. Dianthus name comes from two words “dios” in the memory of god Zeus and “anthos” means flower. For this reason it is named as “flower of God”.

Different meaning with different color


There is beautiful meaning of different color carnations. We have identified here the different color flowers for its beautiful meaning

  • Pink carnation is to celebrate mother’s day
  • Multicolor carnation bouquet is gifted to show woman’s love and fascination
  • Light red carnation bouquet is given to show admiration.
  • White carnation is to bless good luck and pure wishes.
  • Striped carnation to show refusal or regret.
  • Yellow carnation is for satire to show disappointment or rejection.
  • Dark red carnation for wedding day, valentine day.
  • Green carnation is used to celebrate St’Patrick’s day.

If you are going to meet your mom on Mother’s day please check the symbolic meaning of different color carnation and take it for your mom.


Facts about carnation

Carnation is a graceful flower that attracts all. Besides this there are hidden facts about carnations, here are they.

  • A carnation expresses the unspoken emotions faster than any.
  • Carnation is a long durable flower. Cut Carnations stays up to weeks in the vase with perfect watering.
  • Carnation is an edible flower.
  • In French Carnation is known as the symbolic flower of romance.
  • Amongst all flowers, Carnation is the most popular flower used to share emotions.
  • It is popular as the world’s oldest cultivated flower. From decades it was used for the decoration purpose and to add flavor to beer.
  • It is an official flower of the state Ohio and also recognized as the national flower of Spain and Slovenia.


Official flower of mother's day


Carnation fully blooms in the May month. The first week of May month is known as Mother’s day all around the world. There is a history behind pink carnation is gifted for mother’s day. Century ago Anna Jarvis and her daughter was marinating the white carnations in the garden. It is said that mother’s day tradition is start with Anna Jarvis. Once she gets 500 carnation at one time and gives it to every mother and requested to come in church every week. This tradition is followed by other countries too and this is why carnation is known as an official flower of mother’s day.


Benefits of flowers

Don’t overlook flowers; this is the best gift for sharing happiness. Flower just not turn the sad ambiance to happy ambiance but it also uplifts the mood. Now the scenario of using flower is changed. Flower is best used in making essential oil, crème, beauty soap, and hair oil and so on. There are so many edible flowers like carnations, sunflower seeds, lavender, rose petals to decorate the cake. Flowers is also useful in treating physical and mental disease like nausea, anxiety, diarrhea, inflammation, skin ageing, Eczema. Rose petals, carnation petals, lavender petals are the best option to delight the skin texture, just mix the petals in the milk and apply it on the skin. It is the best natural treatment to remove the dark spots and wrinkles.

Carnation is the best buy option to send Mother's day flowers of this year. Pink carnation is officially registered flower to show your care and love towards mom. No worries you do not have a budget and you want a last minute gift for your mother. Take pink carnations bouquet and give it to your mom. She will feel happy inside from the heart when she will be honored with a graceful flower’s bouquet.


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