9 Best Tips for Blooming Orchid Plants

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9 Best Tips for Blooming Orchid Plants


Flowers have never been monotonous in giving your home a royal and pleasant look. They are always seen to give a face-lift to our surroundings in the best way possible. Orchid is one such popular flower which calls for its perfection, beauty, love, peace and contentment. An enormously beautiful flower to stare at, orchid stands with its attribute of having less care and maintenance. So, have thoughtful look at some of the best tips for faultless blooming of orchid plants:-


1. Window is the right Place for Orchids:


Window is the right Place for Orchids


Orchid is one such flower which loves to be bloomed in light. It is always seen for an orchid flower to bloom just faultless when in light. When your plant turns reddish- green, be assured that it is getting enough of light.


2. Water them Timely:


Orchid Watering


Though, these are the plants which don’t need much water or at short intervals but watering them in every 5-12 days is deemed to be adequate. Please make sure that you avoid the roots in standing water to keep them bloom and alive and look just wonderful.


3. Take care of regular feeding of Orchids:


Take care of regular feeding of orchids


As it is a common saying that excess of everything is bad, unless it starts throwing disastrous consequences, the same goes with these plants. Be assured that you don’t over feed the plants, however feeding plays a pivotal role for a better growth and long span of these plants. It will further encourage flowering and longevity.


4. Cut dead stems on a regular basis:


Cut dead stem on a regular basis


Always keep in your intellect to keep cutting the dead steams on a regular basis to encourage growth of flowers. Dead stems reduce the longevity of orchid plants and therefore such plants die before time.


5. Cut the stems in a proper way:


Cut the stems in a proper way


Cutting the stems diagonally is deemed to be a perfect way to ensure proper and timely growth of orchid. Straight cutting is not going to throw any fruitful results. So be assured of cutting the stems diagonally instead of cutting them just straight.


6. Render proper support to week stems:


Render proper support to week stems


Supporting the stems in an apt way also ensures proper growth and longevity of orchids. Always try to place the sticks in the pot and clip the stems to them for better support. This will further guarantee you of a plant standing tall and get enough of light.


7. Maintain Temperature:

Being a tropical plant, they do not deal well with droughts and cold spaces. It is always suggested to keep the room temperature up to 16.5°C or higher than that. You should also make sure that you avoid placing such lovely flowers in draughty areas as well.


8. Re-pot the plant, if necessary:


Re-pot the plant if necessary


Re- potting seems to be a necessity as soon as the roots start to get too long. Though, this should not be done that too often but it is always advised to move to a bigger pot to ensure longevity, growth and life of orchid plants. You can also buy orchid plants online to give your home an elegant touch and to welcome a new member of your family.


9. Bathroom: the best place for Orchid:


Bathroom: The best place for Orchids


Bathroom is another nice place to keep your orchid plants bloomed for a long time and that too in a better way. It has also believed by sages that bathroom is the best place for orchids. The steam from showers and bath keep your orchid plants stay moist no matter whatever the season is. It further ensures its growth and long life of the flowers.


To conclude:

From the above mentioned 9 best tips to bloom the orchid plants, we get to know the right ways of keeping them alive for a longer time. Such plants not only enhance the beauty of your royal home but also make it look lively and tranquil. You can also send flowers online to your friends and family anytime and from anywhere right at their doorsteps and that too in no time. It will turn out to be the most memorable and lovely plant gift. For more, please stay tuned to us!


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