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8 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Posted by Ocillious 30th July 2019 0 Comment(s)

8 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair


Pinning flowers in hair has now become the fashion trend of 2019. From school girls to young adults all are fascinated by wearing flowers garland on their hair. We have done so much research about which type of flower will suit to send flowers to Mexico. Well, there are so many helpful tricks but we have uncovered some of the most beautiful hairstyles. You can apply it on the wedding day or you can just go with it on the celebration time. We have learned you some of the latest hairstyles by using flowers decoration. So without wasting much time, let’s show you some latest and trendy hairstyles using flowers.


1) Classic Flower Crown


Classic Flower Crown



Now mostly girls rely upon sweet and natural things. Also, they use to carry lightweight thing on the head. Diamond or heavy crown now become an old fashion trend. Wedding brides use to decorate the head with using a different color flower crown. Many sticks to the same colored flower crown. Many go for multi-color or theme matched crown to decorate the wedding bride’s head. In the same way school and college girls use to wear a flower crown to show off their style in the crowd.


2) Half-Up Halo Braid


Half-Up Halo Braid


One thing you must have noticed that girls do not satisfy the same and repeated hairstyle. They always want to create some new and fascinating hairstyles to flaunt her style. Don’t worry this half-up Halo Braid is a new style laid to be an eye of everyone in the crowd. The girl has to make a ponytail half-up on one side part of the head. Clip your hairs in a finger then take it upside and then start making a ponytail. Now pin the single color big flower on that one side Halo Braid.


3) Half-Up Colorful Daisy Braid


Half-Up Colorful Daisy Braid


This beautiful design is surely going to impress the party guests. You can quickly be ready for the party using this simple recipe of Half-up colorful daisy braid. We have summarized half-up Halo Braid. The recipe is same but you have to get so many daises to pin up the single side of the head. First of all brush your hair then pins it up on the single side of the head. Now take colorful daisies bunch on hand then start pinning daisies bunch on the one-sided pinned part. You can choose different color daisies to cope up with the wedding scheme.


4) Green with Envy


Green With Envy



You support green so you can show off your love by wearing the crown of green. Tuck greens in one thread and also tuck some envy flower to give it a fresher and nicer look. If you wish you can also choose to tie some tiny flowers to decorate the green color crown. Another option is you can directly make the garland of Envy to set it on the head. Nature has its own magic and it gives a spellbound decoration to your head crowns.


5) Braided Pigtails


Braided Pigtails


Braided pigtails are an easy hairstyle. Braiding pigtails is a common trend. But you can make it fascinating and more attractive by tucking the flowers in each braid. Braiding a pigtail is not a difficult task. Just you need to keep looking that pigtail is strong and firm so that flowers can easily tuck in this. From top to bottom every line should be embellished with tiny flowers.


6) Deep Side Part


Deep Side Part


One side or deep side part hairstyle is mostly chosen for beading flowers in them. Take an upper portion of the ear and then tuck that small part with the pin. Now here comes the second part. Take one single flower of daisy, sunflower and then tuck that flower exactly above the ear. Now leave the opposite side hair open. When you have no time to dress up, follow this simple method for a quick makeover.


7) Haute Floral Headband


Haute Floral Headband


The floral headband has never failed to impress. Girls love to wear floral headbands in celebration times. Use favorite color flowers to make headbands. If you want to give some special effects, you can also make flower earrings, hand bracelet and garlands for a complete spring season look. You can rely on the headband if you want to make it simple. Overdoing with flowers can disturb your facial impression and looks.


8) Fishtail plait with daisy accents


Fishtail plait with daisy accents


We have talked about such an accent in braided pigtails too. They are two pigtails and here we give the example of one fishtail plait nicely embellished with daisy flowers. No need to have those costly pins and brooch. Just tuck the daises in every plait of the pigtail. You can transform your simple ponytail to unique hairstyle by simply pinning the daisy flowers in it. But for this, you must be needed fresh flowers. Our online flower shop works for both bulk flowers supplies and to get flower bouquet delivery in the city or around the world. Every age has its own perception and trend of making hairstyles. But the one common thing in them is they use flowers. The hairstyle doesn’t look impressive without the decoration of flowers. Flowers give the normal hairstyle a fascinating look. And this led us to write the article of how to create an impressive hairstyle using floral in it. Give a try to every look; it will surely help in keep your vibes up during the party time.


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