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8 Best Engagement Gifts for the Newly Engaged Couple that are Thoughtful

Posted by Ocillious 14th September 2019 0 Comment(s)

8 Best Engagement Gifts for the Newly Engaged Couple that is Thoughtful


Are you thinking of nice gift for newly engaged couples? Or did your close friend or family member just get engaged? Then you are in the right place. We express our excitement and wishes to the newly engaged couple through sweet gesture like gifting them some lovely presents. You can get a simple gift which would convey your congratulations and love to the newly engaged couple. The gift doesn’t need to be flashy; it just needs to be thoughtful. You can also personalize the gift for the happy couple and make them feel even more special. Thus we are here with some amazing and best engagement gifts for the newly engaged couples that are also thoughtful.


1) House Number Planter


House Number Planter


You can build a beautiful planter box for the couple or secure their street number to their surface and fill the planter with greenery that they can easily take care of. You can choose plants like cacti and succulents because they are low maintenance plants and would look great too. These plants would not only look lovely outside their home but these plants would warmly welcome the guests and other visitors at their place. You can also get personalized engagement gifts for newly engaged couples and wish them congratulations in a unique way.


2) Pallet Heart


Pallet Heart


Engagement is all about the union of two people in love. You can personalize a wooden pallet heart-shaped wall décor. Paint the wooden pallets in a neutral color and then add words like home, love or couple’s initials whichever looks sweet. They can use this wall art in their bedroom or as decor around their study corner. This is a great idea and it would surely delight them because you have invested your time and effort in making this thoughtful gift.


3)Flourishing Flower Bouquet


Flourishing Flower Bouquet


There would be some mason jars lying in your home, so you can repurpose these mason jars into beautiful flower bouquets where the newly engaged couples can decorate their fresh and stunning blooms. You simply have to paint the mason jars in pastel colors like pink and green, pastel colors because they are so in trend. You can also add fresh blooms or fabric blooms in the DIY vase and brighten their new home and also their wedding planning process with such a cute floral decor idea. Order flowers online and greets your near and dear ones with stunning flowers on their special day and other important festivals.


4) Painted Terracotta Pots or Potted Succulents


Painted Terracotta Pots or Potted Succulents


There would definitely be a nice corner around their garden or a patio where the couple would be sharing morning coffee. You can thus illuminate the porch, patio or window sill with this brightly colored terracotta pots. You simply have to take the terracotta pots and paint it with acrylic paints in bright and vibrant colors. You can plant succulents, cacti, and herbs for diverse spread. From our wide range of gifts, you can also find cheap engagement gifts for couples and wish them many congratulations on this beautiful occasion of their love and union.


5) Marble or Geometric Wall Art


Marble or Geometric Wall Art


Get creative and create a marbled design on the absorbent paper with the help of colorful oil paints. This way you can create a masterpiece for the newly engaged couple. Similarly, you can also make geometric wall art that goes well with their home décor. The couple would be proud to hang this wall art in their living room or bedroom and flaunt it whenever their would-be guests to visit their home.


6) Wood Marble Wine Cooler


Wood Marble Wine Cooler


If the newly engaged couple is a wine lover, this is the most appropriate gift for them. It is sure they will pop plenty of celebratory engagement bottles so keep their bubbly or wine at the perfect temperature, this sleek marble, and wood cooler is a perfect gift. They can have their wine in their backyard or on the balcony and enjoy it at the perfect temperature without any hassle of wine getting warm. You can find unique engagement gifts for her from our online gift store and surprise your beloved with lovely and thoughtful gifts.


7) A Wine and Love Letters Box


A Wine and Love Letters Box


You can gift them glitter and sparkling wine because nothing is more celebratory than this. Also, some of the wine companies proceed with their benefits to different charities so this way the couple will be the part of this thoughtful cause. A letterbox is a very unique gift as couples can lock the love letter for each other inside the box and when they are going through the fight these letters will help them unite and let go.


8) Cuddly Couple Teddy Bear


Cuddly Couple Teddy Bear


This is a couple of teddy bear sets, where there are two teddy bears. Thus just like the couple, this teddy bear looks lovely. This is a very popular gift for the newly engaged couples and they can decorate these teddy bears in their bedroom and always take inspiration from this cuddly couple teddy bear of staying together and in love forever and share warmest hugs with one another. Send romantic teddy bear to your beloved on their birthday and other such events and make them feel loved through this sweet gesture.


We hope these lovely and thoughtful engagement gifts convey your greetings and congrats to the new couple in the best possible way.


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