8 Best & Memorable Gift Ideas for New Baby

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Memorable gift idea for new baby

Human beings have got only one life. Within this stipulated period, they set a lot of goals and places to reach and achieve. Their limitations do not ever limit their dreams. One of the best and common dreams of every person is to have a family of their own. Marriage is the social ceremony through which two soul-mates start their journey to their walk towards a new life. And the best joy this bonding gives to them is a new member to their family- a child. It is one of the most special and rare moments in life. Here are 7 best and memorable gift ideas to celebrate the new baby.


1) Portable baby bed-

Portable baby bed

A baby is a little angel in the shape of human flesh and blood. After birth till two-three years, it needs the warmth and closeness of the mother. So, everywhere you go you have to carry that little cutie with you. So, a portable baby bed will help you a lot when you are a traveling parent. It consists of all the comfort that a fixed baby bed carries- warmth, coziness, and comfort. It is one of the most useful and simple gift ideas for new birth baby.


2) Baby clothing set-

Baby clothing set

A baby has a very sensitive and vulnerable body structure. And as they are so delicate, they have the greatest chances to catch infections; mostly to the skin. To save them from this, it is important to have their clothing changed every regular interval. For the couple who is blessed with a child recently, a baby clothing set will be the perfect choice for them. It is best to check the quality of the clothing; cotton is the best. Make sure you choose some colorful cloth sets for the newborn as they are attracted to vibrant colors. So, this baby clothing set will be one of the simplest yet best gifts for the new baby.


3) Chamois Baby Blanket-

Chamois Baby Blanket

A baby needs warmth all the time to have a proper growth. Be it summer outside, baby skin is very sensitive to direct heat or air-cooling air. So, a blanket should always be carried for the baby, wherever you go. Now, blankets are often heavy, become damp, and difficult to carry. But this Chamois blanket is ideal for the babies. It is made of 100% polyester chamois which is baby skin-friendly. It is less heavy than the flannel so it keeps its shape after rigorous machine wash. Also, it is both sides usable hence one blanket is enough for the child when you are traveling. It dries quickly and is imported.


4) Wood Baby Rattle Teether-

Wood Baby Rattle Teether

When a child is about to complete their first year, the first thing they gradually grow is their teeth. Once the teeth are out; it always teethers to bite on something. This wood baby rattle teether is a memorable gift idea. It works are both purposes for plat and teether. It is made of organic material and is painted with 100% non-toxic milk colors which are not harmful to the baby at all. The wooden rings and wooden rod are completely sealed with virgin coconut oil that protects it from erosion in every rough rattle. It is a doctor’s choice for the teething babies as it is gentlest at its baby gums.


5) New baby Balloons Gifts-

New baby Balloons Gifts

Babies at their toddling age are mesmerized to see everything. When balloons are one of those gifts that makes the adults laugh; just think how much wonder it will create in a newborn baby’s mind. Colorful Mylar gas balloons are perfectly safe for the kids. They would love to have a bouquet of colorful bright balloons as a gift. Also, the balloons will be perfect as décor props when you arrange for a baby shower occasion.


6) New Baby Flower Gifts-

New Baby Flower Gifts

If there is any other natural creation that is as beautiful as a bouquet, it is the babies. As the social attachment of meanings differentiates the baby gender with different colors, you can also follow that for the new baby flower gift as well. For a bright boy, a bouquet of blue orchids, lavender, and iris will be perfect. For the sweet girl, a bouquet of peach roses, pink gerberas, and tulips will resemble their happiness in the best way. But it is perfect to order new baby flowers online as the florist will know what will be best for the children both according to age and gender.


7) New Baby Fruit Gifts-

New Baby Fruit Gifts

The baby is always a body in the growing. It needs the most nutritious food in the world. Breast milk is the best, but not every baby is okay with sucking. For them, the best replacement is the fresh fruit juices. So, for a newborn baby, a basket filled with fresh seasonal fruits or essential fruits will be a perfect gift. Do not forget to gift a juicer or in-maker along with the gift as well to make it easier for the mum. You can also send a new baby fruit bouquet USA as a new baby gift.


8) New Baby Stuffed Animals-

New Baby Stuffed Animals

A baby always needs a companion to play with all the time. And a stuffed animal is the perfect gift for a baby. A toddler or a crawler would love to have something of his/her own- a tiger, a dog, a prince, a princess, the whole animal kingdom. It teaches the kid to be social in a cognitive manner. It will always keep him feel safe and happy when the busy mum and dad fail to give them company.


Babies are the angels in the shapes of little humans. They are blessings to our lives. And above is the best and memorable gift to welcome them in our lives. The kind of joy these little sweet souls bring into our life is unspeakable. We are always grateful and thankful to nature for this amazing creation.


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