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8 Amazing Good Luck Gifts to wish someone for New Home

Posted by Ocillious 05th November 2019 0 Comment(s)

 8 Amazing Good Luck Gifts to wish someone for New Home


You can send good luck gifts to your loved ones to convey your congratulations wishes or to motivate them. Good luck gifts are great for occasions like examinations, job interviews, sports competitions, housewarming parties and other such occasions where one needs your luck. So if such an event is about to happen to surprise your dear ones with these amazing good luck gifts. Moving to a new home is a very big achievement and your loved ones would really require your blessings and good wishes. Thus we are here with some amazing good luck gifts to wish your dear one's congratulations for such a great accomplishment and be there with them to celebrate their good times.


1) Four leaf Clover Necklace


 Four leaf Clover Necklace


The Irish traditions state that the ones who find four-leaf clovers are destined for good luck. Finding this leaf is very rare so you can gift this four-leaf clover necklace to your dear one. This will bring good luck to the wearer and it has much more meaning to it. One leaf symbolizes faith, one is for love, one is for hope and the last one is for luck. Thus when you gift a four-leaf clover necklace to your loved ones it means the person will find faith, hope, love, and luck.


2) Goldfish




So many cultures across the globe consider that goldfish bring growth, wealth, prosperity and power. Goldfishes are placed in a bowl in workplaces and homes to bring good luck. The goldfish is also one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddha as it is the symbol of fertility, harmony, and abundance. Also, it is the environment and non-toxic so you can gift it to your loved ones. You can also get so many housewarming gift ideas from our online gift shop and convey your congratulations to your friend’s or relative’s housewarming.


3) Lucky Bamboo Plants


 Lucky Bamboo Plants


Bamboos attract chi into a home and energize the surrounding area. It is also believed bamboo can bring love, health, wealth and happiness. Bamboos are also considered as good indoor plants and it has meanings to the number of stalks it has. But make sure you do not gift Bamboo with four stalks to your dear one, because in Chinese culture it is associated with death. Make the best online flower delivery from our online gift store and convey your greetings to your dear ones at festivals.


4) Three Legged Frog


 Three Legged Frog


This money frog has always had a coin placed in its mouth and the frog is a symbol of good fortune. The frog also represents longevity which means that the person’s good wealth and fortune will have no end at all. You can also gift this frog as a graduation gift or to someone who wants to get promoted in their job. The frog will keep squatting on the natural pond of prosperity.


5) Ladybug Keychain


 Ladybug Keychain


It is a universal symbol of good luck and you would have even heard about it. Many cultures all around the world consider it as an attractor of prosperity. It is believed ladybug can bring your wishes to reality and so you can choose this ladybug keychain to wish good luck to your loved ones. This can be used as a fashion accessory so let it bring the best luck in your loved one’s life.  You can get the number of good luck gift ideas from our online gift store and convey your good wishes to your loved ones when they start something new.


6) Laughing Buddha on an Elephant


 Laughing Buddha on an Elephant


Laughing Buddha is well known to bring happiness and the elephant with its trunk raised is believed to bring luck based on Feng Shui's belief. When you gift them as a single item you are wishing the person both happiness and luck together. This is also an excellent symbol of protection against office jealousy, politics, backstabbing, and social illness. This is one of the best good luck gift ideas to motivate the person to do better. We also have a whole range of lucky charms gifts you can shop and surprise your loved ones with these thoughtful gifts.


7) Hamsa Evil Eye


 Hamsa Evil Eye


You would have heard about people wearing Hamsa evil eye symbols for good luck. It is believed evil spirits are kept away from the person who wears this Hamsa hand symbol. And the evil eye is believed to keep all evil eyes away from the person. So you can gift a necklace with Hamsa evil eye to your loved one that would bring them peace, happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. This good luck charm will also improve the person’s confidence.


8) Orchid Flower Plants


 Orchid Flower Plants


Potted Orchids are so beautiful and it also has the ability to bring good luck as well as a fortune in love. The Orchids help in enriching and nurturing relationships and it also enhances the chance of finding love and a partner. It also brings a lot of positivity at home. The orchid plant releases oxygen at night which helps in inducing sleep at night. Thus if you want to gift a plant to your loved one Orchid is best. Send orchids to your loved ones on special occasions and festivals to convey your wishes to them.


These are some amazing good luck gifts to can gift to your near and dear ones when they move to their new home and convey your Congratulations.


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