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7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Bleak Desk in Office

Posted by Ocillious 20th July 2019 0 Comment(s)


7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Bleak Desk in Office


The office is the place where we spend half of our day and most of the time near the desk tackling with the work all the time. So, there comes the importance to make your desk more attractive, which results in making you feel more positive and tackle up any type of difficult project also in an easier way. Here we will check out some of the best 7 ways to brighten up your bleak desk in the office.


1) Add some greenery


Add some greenery


Greenery in small attractive pots will give your desk a more attractive look. They not only help in looking great but at the same time they help in cleaning the air around you, that is the filter and produce clean air for breathing. One of the best options is choosing cactus or other plants from the same family. However, succulents are the best plants to go with them on your office desk, because they do not require much watering. These succulents live for a long duration and there is no need to replace them frequently. Even a bunch of rose flowers or other fresh flowers is also the best option to choose. There are many flower delivery San Jose companies that offer fresh flowers of various types.


2) Put Photos That Make You Smile


Put Photos That Make You Smile


Photos are the other best option to use on the walls of your desk to make it more attractive and at the same time motivate you to work energetically. So, browse for the funniest photos online. The other option is to pick up one from your gallery which brings you a smile on your face or laughs by remembering those memories. Just take a print of them and paste it on the wall of your desk. Even funny quotes will be a good option too.


3) Put other Stationery that Brings You Joy


Put other Stationery that Brings you Joy


It is always a good idea to have stationery at the office desk, instead of running for them all around the office. In general, the stationary that is essential will be pens, paper, stapler, paper pins, glue, paper clips, scissors, and other essentials. Apart from these, the other stationery that brings you joy will be stylish erasers, funky pens, shining color pens, color papers, printed papers, embellished papers, paper pads, mini notepads, color tapes, funky pens stands and other items which bring positive energy to work especially on Monday mornings.


4) Have a Colorful Fancy Mug on Hand


Have a Colorful Fancy Mug on Hand


Everyone prefers to have a cup of coffee or tea during their working hours. As we know, a cup of coffee not only keeps you active but also concentrate on the work. The one who is too conscious of their health can go with a cup of green tea or black tea or herbal tea, whichever is their option. So, having them 3 or 4 times in a paper cup can be replaced with a fancy cup. If you own a white plain mug, then decorate with paints or letters or some quotes to make it look attractive. Even the mugs with your own photos also go well.


5) Decorate your daily calendar


Decorate your daily calendar


Even though a calendar application is available in every smartphone today, but still it is essential to have a mini table calendar on the office desk. This will make us watch for some important dates or plan out for next vacation. Instead of having old type calendars, better try out with some personalized one and hang them or else place it in a holder by clipping. It will also look good if they are placed on some funky paperweights or holders.


6) Surround Yourself with Color


Surround Yourself with Color


Morning at the office goes energetic when you see something and be happy. This cannot be done by bringing in some pets or other things. So, make it happen with colorful papers, desk organizers and colorful pen stands or paperweights. If you don’t have a one then it takes just a few minutes to decorate with colorful Washington tape and some embellishments. With few more color papers can decorate your desk organizer too.


7) Put Sunflower Sweetness Bouquet


Put Sunflower Sweetness Bouquet


Sunflowers are another best choice to decorate your desk and add some sweetness to it. Whenever you wish to have fresh sunflowers then ordering and getting flower bouquet delivery just yields a few minutes of your time.


The above mentioned are 7 awesome ways to brighten up your bleak desk in the office. All these just brighten up your desk and add more positive energy to your working hours, making you inspired. So, even a Monday morning or cool winter day goes quite well with workflow by watching at your desk. You can add more ideas to give it a perfect attractive look, at the same time it brings out your creativity.


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