7 Unknown Facts about Various Beautiful Tulips Flower

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Unkown Facts About Various Beautiful Tulips Flower


Tulip name resembles a Persian word deplaned which means “turban”. Wearing turban was the trend over the king’s ages so the Tulip name is. Tulips fully bloom in spring and flower lasts for 3 to 7 days. If we will talk about the Tulips species there is no end of it. There are more than 3000 varieties and more than 150 species available in send tulips online shop. Here we are going to mention some of the most favorite and popular Tulips flower facts here. Each of this has a unique style of blooming. Let’s find out its special species and their characteristics here.


1. Single Tulips


Single Tulips


Single tulips come in the various color of one stemmed flower with six petals on the head. It is an early spring flower and identified as the best flower to create a beautiful bridal bouquet. Compared to another tulip single late spring has a strong and bold shape. Single late tulips are heightened than the average tulips height. it has a long stem of around 18 to 30 inches. Tulips Christmas Dream, Tulip Purple Prince, Tulip Apricot Beauty are the species of early tulips. Tulips Queen of Night, Tulip Blushing Beauty and Tulip Pink Diamond are the species of Single Late Tulips.


2. Fosteriana Tulips


Fosteriana Tulips


Frosterian Tulip blooms in bowl-shaped flower with six-inch width and 18 inches height. Red tulips are famously named Emperor Tulips. it has pointed petals sometimes and sometimes striped leaves. Some tulips are very fragrant used to make various centerpieces and bouquet. Tulip Exotic Emperor, Tulip “Flaming Purissima” is the species of Fosteriana Tulips.


3. Viridiflora Tulip


Viridiflora Tulip


it is a late spring flower with a shade of green on the back of their petals. Vidriflora tulips are a lesser known flower in Tulips group. It is a long lasting flower holds 6 inches width and 22 inches height. It comes in myriad beautiful color. It has a cup-shaped flower and looks great when adorning in a long vase. Tulip “Artist”, Tulip “Florosa” and Tulips “Doll’s Minuet” is the species of Viridiflora Tulip flower.


4. Parrot Tulips


Parrot Tulips.


Parrot Tulips name resembles its parrot color stem and feathery petals. Parrot tulips have an unusual shape with masses of stripes and large flurry on petals. It is popular as a garden plant. It grows in late spring with 14 to 26 inches height. Parrot tulips are big and full so they are mostly used to embellish the flower garden. Tulip “Bright Parrot”, Tulip “Black Parrot” and Tulip “Estella Rijnveld” are the particular species of Parrot Tulips.


5. Botanical Tulips


Botanical Tulips


Botanical Tulip has an eye-catching beauty that attracts all. It blooms in early spring. They are earthy flowers do not have long stems like other tulips species. Though it is known as a wildflower it appeals more for its beautiful structure and vibrant color. The main attraction of this flower is it doesn’t bother for whatever the wind and weather, it keeps blooming. There are so many variations in blooming petals in Botanical species. Tulips Clusiana “Cynthia blooms like Lily flower, Tulip saxatilis “lilac wonder” blooms in a bowl shape and Tulips Hummels “Alba coerulea oculata” blooms in small size.


6. Darwin Hybrid Tulips


Darwin Hybrid Tulips


Drawn Hybrids Tulips flower is a long-lasting flower with strong stems. This is a perfect flower resist all types of weather and beautiful blooms in all types of landscapes. Drawn Hybrids are a very popular flower to embellish various types of joyful occasions. Red color Darwin Hybrids are very popular to celebrate romantic occasions like valentine day, wedding anniversary. Tulip “Acropolis”, Tulip “daydream” and Tulip “Ad Ram” is the most popular species of this group.


7. Greigii Tulips


Greigii Tulips


Greigii tulips have stunning sharp pointed and striped leaves. These tulips grow single in chalice shape. This group has a definite color of red, yellow and white. Greigii tulips grow fully to display the interior colors. It creates great visual impact and thereby this is used to make borders and rock gardens. This perennial grow low in the earth with around 8 to 12 inches length. Geirgee Tulips are much loved in forced to plant in Europe lands to make a unique display in the kitchen garden or indoor garden.


8. Lily Flowered Tulips


Lily-Flowered Tulips


When you don’t have a land that grows unique Lily flower Lily-Flowered Tulips are the best alternate of it. These long-stemmed bulb shape flower blooms resemble a Lily flower. It is covered with pointy petals but when it opens it form a star shape same as like Lily. There is no connection of this flower between Lily family. It is named for its lily-like shape. This comes in vivid colors like pink, purple, peach, red, orange, yellow and white. Mostly white lily-flowered tulips used as the flower garden. It fully blooms in late spring and grows in the height of around 24 inches.

We have given you the full acknowledgment of Tulips species and their special nature and blooming period. Every Tulip species has its own charm of springtime to send flowers on various occasions. Some face the sun, some are down to earth, and some are very bright some are very dark. But still Tulips are the most popular garden flower and they never failed to attract.


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