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7 Trendy Ways to Decorate with Balloons for all Types of Party

Posted by Ocillious 07th March 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Trendy Ways to Decorate with Balloons for all Types of Party


The first that comes to our mind while decorating any party venue is Balloons. They are the classic party symbol as they are fun, lighthearted and also they are available all round the year. You can bring your imagination to life when decorating with balloons as they come in all sizes and colors. Nothing can say party like balloons and we all love balloons they are colorful and whimsical. Also, there are so many ways to incorporate balloons at your party. Nowadays one can get balloons in so many different varieties and get most creative when it comes to decorating with balloons. So turn the ordinary to extraordinary with colorful, vibrant and unique balloons and balloon decoration this party season. Thus we are here with some 7 trendy ways to decorate with balloons for any special occasion and event.


1) Wrap Balloons in Tulle


Wrap Balloons in Tulle


You can give a new look to the balloons by wrapping balloons in tulle, this will make your decoration classy and sophisticated. This type of decoration is ideal for weddings, bridal showers and birthdays. You can stick to pastel colors and light colors for a clean look and pay special attention to the tie so that the tulle can hold the balloon perfectly. You can have a beautiful decoration with this type of balloon decoration idea. Buy birthday balloons online and surprise the birthday boy or girl with fun balloons for their birthday and wish them a very happy birthday.


2) Make Balloon Forest


Make Balloon Forest


This decoration is one of the most beautiful decoration ideas even though it is one of the most simple. You will have to choose the balloon color and style and add long tails to all the balloons. Let the ribbons you have attached to the balloons loose inside the venue so that the tails reach the floor. You can your loved ones can enjoy dancing in the balloon forest. Also, make sure you do not use too many balloons because you want everyone to see each other and move on to the floor. You can get amazing balloon arrangement ideas from our online gift site and make your party venue brighter and livelier with these ideas.


3) Patterned Balloons Decoration


Patterned Balloons Decoration


If you are planning for a bachelorette party or baby shower, this one is a nice idea. You can buy balloons that have different patterns on it like polka dots or strips. You can also do this on your own with paint. You simply have to take plain balloons and paint on them the desired pattern. Then decorate these balloons in a beautiful manner to your venue with ribbons and you can use helium balloons also as they will float in the air and make your party space look more fun.


4) Balloons filled with Treats


Balloons filled with treats


This one is a perfect idea for Kid’s birthday party. You can take big sized balloons and fill them all with yummy treats like candies and chocolates. You simply have to inflate the balloons and put the candies inside the balloons. At the end of the party ask the kids to prick the balloons and collect the candies that fall out of the balloons. This would be like treasure for little kids and they would love collecting the candies. All the little guests would be so satisfied and happy with this fun-filled activity.


5) Make Flower Balloons


Make Flower Balloons


If you want to add a fresh touch to your balloons, you can get little creative with this balloon decoration idea. You can take marker pens to draw beautiful flowers on the balloon, take transparent flowers so the flower patterns are clearly visible. You can also do it in another way by making flower patterns in papers and later pasting that on the balloons. This type of balloon decoration will help you create a cheerful environment for various parties. Send balloons to your near and dear ones for special occasions and festivals to convey your greetings with these cheerful balloons.


6) Decorate with Emoji Balloons


Decorate with Emoji Balloons


Nowadays you can get yellow emojis balloons online and you can have an emoji themed party for any of your occasions. There you can use these yellow-colored emoji balloons to decorate the venue. There is also this way of making these emoji balloons, simply inflate the yellow-colored balloons and draw smiley faces on the center of the balloons. Decorate the cluster of balloons on the wall for the beautiful backdrop.


7) Make Underwater Effects using Balloons


Make underwater effects using balloons


If your party theme is blue or something like the water you can decorate with this idea. With the creative balloon display, you can create under the sea effect. You can use the combination of balloons and blue wavy streamers to create gentle waves; this type of decoration is perfect for themed birthday parties. Visit our online gift site for various fun balloon decoration ideas for the party and have the most memorable party with our amazing decoration ideas.


We hope you love these trendy ways to decorate with balloons for different parties and these decorations make your parties even more fun.


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