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7 Traditional Funeral Flowers with Their Symbolic Meaning

Posted by Ocillious 09th January 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Traditional Funeral Flowers with Their Symbolic Meaning


Funeral flowers or sympathy flowers are taken away in the commemoration ceremony held after one is passed in heaven. It is a traditional way to show your consolation and pay tribute to one’s dignified life. Flowers help you in sharing feelings without saying a single word. Some feelings cannot be expressed by words and their flowers come to rescue you. There are certain types of funeral flower delivery services that help you in expressing sympathy and consolation. If you are going to funeral service to church or home, you must carry certain flowers symbolized for paying homage to one’s great life they lived.


1) Lilies




The soul departed from us was so innocent and pure. So here you can appreciate their innocent nature and their divine spirit by taking lilies bouquet. White lilies are divine flowers that help in conveying your deep grief for the lost one. Stargazer lily is symbolized for consolation and solace of near one suffering from great loss. Oriental lilies promote an eternal life that can be taken away to the religious ceremonies held after the death of the person. Lilies represent that the person passed away is now lost into the state of innocence. Order lilies bouquets online, It confesses the tranquility for the divine soul resting in heaven. You can also consider taking Violets, Hyacinth with it to make it a more appealing bouquet.


2) Gladioli




Gladioli are a summer flower mostly appreciated to show the strong and sincere character of the deceased one. The signature flower holds compassion, respect, gratitude, and love. Gladioli are considered as the “flower of commemoration”. This flowers bold color reflects the strong and loyal character of the deceased one. If one thinks to take bold colors in funeral or death commemoration services they can take gladioli colors. Gladioli have different bold shades like maroon red, purple, and orange, yellow, white.


3) Carnations




Carnations are beautifully presented in the wreath and standing sprays to show condolences. The red carnation is associated with love care. On the other hand, pink represents gratitude, admiration, and respect. White carnations most used for making standing cross and funeral flowers wreath. If one is addicted to sports or any special hobby online florist shops also customize carnations in that logo. Carnations are the first choice because it can be mixed up with any kind of flowers like forget Me Nots, Camelia and Magnolias.


4) Chrysanthemums




Chrysanthemums reflect memorial tribute to the one who lived a peaceful and dignified life on earth. Mums have different shades but pink is the favorite color for funeral flower arrangements.  In America and Europe, it is a significant flower taken for funeral services. Red mums are usually given by loved ones to show love and affection. White mums wreath or standing sprays taken to confess the sympathy and honor. It is also symbolized for confession and heartfelt gratitude for the one resting in heaven.


5) Roses




Roses are admired as popular sympathy flowers to take away in the religious ceremonies after the death. The white rose is the first choice when we are sharing condolence for the deceased one. Red rose bouquet shares love and compassion for the loved ones. Pink rose is taken for admiration and gratefulness. Yellow roses are taken for sharing the great bond of friendship. Blue roses are taken for showing the strong and sporty character. There are too many colors one can decide to take the matching color roses bouquet for sharing consolation. You want to add some other sympathy flowers in roses, choose to add Hibiscus, Irises, Baby’s Breath in the bouquet.


6) Orchid Plant


Orchid Plant


The orchid plant is suitable to express sympathy for the one suffering from the mourning of the near one’s death. The orchid plant can stay longer beside the photo of the deceased one. This symbolizes no matter they are passed away their memories will grow like an orchid plant. Mostly pink and white orchids are taken to make a funeral wreath or funeral cross. But if you are not able to attend that ceremony you can share your condolence with family members by giving orchid plants.


7) Hydrangea Plant


Hydrangea Plant


Hydrangea plant is a universal gift for sharing consolation and sympathy. Hydrangeas continue blooming throughout the year. It shows a sense of renewal and rebirth. Share the hydrangea plant with the family member of the deceased one. They can grow in the garden. This plant is called the plant of remembrance. In the time family members water it, it will recreate the good memories they have cherished with the deceased one. You can order flowers online for same day flower delivery from some of the online web florist portal.  


So here is good information about different types of popular funeral flowers. Funerals flowers or sympathy flower arrangements are easily available to shop online from a florist shop. Flowers are the perfect gift for sharing hope and encouragement to the family grieving from the great loss. Flowers just not help in sharing sympathy but also help in ensuring the unending love for the one passed in heaven. 


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