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7 Tall Indoor Plants Looks Great In House and Office

Posted by Ocillious 03rd December 2018 0 Comment(s)

7 tall indoor plants looks great in house and office


Every person likes greenery and it really gives a positive environment to the place. Even people prefer the indoor plants in the house or office for giving a great look to the place. The indoor plants grow above 5 feet tall that quickly grab the attention of the people. It will add a dramatic touch to the interior as well as it will serve as the center point of the room. If you are looking for the indoor plant, then here are 7 tall indoor plants look great in-house and office and they are:


1. Norfolk Island  


Norfolk Island


Norfolk Island plant is the perfect option for the house or office, it is a natural habitat and it is a majestic plant that can grow up to 65m high. When it is grown as a houseplant, then it is reduced to 2 to 3 m. As it is an indoor plan, so it requires some care. If you want a better growth of the plant, then you must have to keep the soil slightly moist and you can keep the plant near the window of home or office, so it will receive the sunrays that will help the plant to grow it successfully.


2. Philodendron Selloum


Philodendron Selloum


The family of Philodendron Selloum includes many successful houseplants. There are tall species of the family Philodendron Selloum and which is the perfect option for the home or office. You must have to keep the plant in indirect sunlight and it will thrive. Even you can also look for the online flowers shop that will help you to find the right plant for the home or office. This plant does not require a lot of water as well as it is essential that you don't let the soil dry out completely.


3. Umbrella Tree 


Umbrella Tree


Umbrella tree is also known as Schefflera, and it is one of the reputed houseplants with the typical foliage. The maintenance of the plant is very easy; it also requires a large pot to grow as well as it needs exposure to all day long and bright indirect sunlight. You will easily get this plant easily in the market. Now, you can send corporate flowers to any of your friends.


4. Fiddle Leaf


Fiddle Leaf


Fiddle leaf fig is a beautiful plant and its leathery foliage large plant and the height can be a great addition to the room. You can keep the fiddle leaf plant in the living room, you can choose any spot where the plant will receive the bright indirect sunlight all day. It is one of the beautiful indoor plants that will give a beautiful appearance to the house or office. When you keep this plant in the living room, it will increase the beauty of your house or office.


5. Golden Pothos


Golden Pothos


There are many different kinds of indoor plants that you can keep at home or office. You can put the golden pothos in your home and care the plant with the bright, moderate watering and indirect light. You can put the plant into a charming sculpture that brings more impact to the leafy plant. You can check more varieties of the plant online or in the market that will be suitable for the indoor location.


6. Rubber Plant


Rubber Plant


The rubber plants are highly in demand by the people and it required the indirect light and bright. It is the plan which needs only water when the soil is dry. This plant is considered as one of the best natural air cleaners, so you can check out the rubber plant in the market. You can place the plant near the seating area; it will give you the fresh air and awesome look to the place.


7. Bamboo Plant


Bamboo Plant


The bamboo is one of the perfect plants for the indoor plant.  There is a different kind of several species available in the market that is suitable for this. The plant needs only a few hours of direct sunlight as well as you check out the bamboo varieties that are suitable for growing indoors.


These are the best 7 tall indoor plants look great in house and office. You will get the indoor plants online or in the market. There are many online portals through which you can buy the indoor plants that will enhance the look of the home or office. Moreover, you can also send these plants as a gift to your friend or relative. It will add a freshness and positive environment to the place.


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