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7 Simple Steps to Keep Your Lily Plant Alive Longer

Posted by Ocillious 20th February 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Simple Steps to Keep Your Lily Plant Alive Longer


There is a number of exotic flowers in the world. Lily is the most powerful and most beautiful flower in the flowering world. It is a beautiful combination of delicacy and beauty. Lilies just not decorate the space but also help in spreading beautiful aroma around. If you have received a lilies bouquet from near one or you just brought lilies from a florist shop. You can extend the shelf life of cut lilies using the caring tips for lilies. We have suggested some beautiful tips that keep lilies fresh and long-lasting, please look at the subtopics mentioned below.


1) Keep Away from Direct Sunlight


Keep Away from Direct Sunlight


A humid and warm sunlight rays can harm the cut flowers. The cut flowers need the calming and cool temperatures to thrive for a long period of time. SO my advice is to keep the lilies in water containers in the cooler zone. See to it that sunlight doesn’t reach to lilies flower. Apart from this also take care that it is not placed near the Wi-Fi router or nearby any lamp. The radiation and heat of the lamp can cause the death of lilies petals. So be aware of this fact.

2) Change Water Regularly


Change Water Regularly


Yes, it’s a necessary step to avoid the creation of fungus or any bacteria in water. Cut Stems are first cut down from the bottom and then poured directly in the container filled with water. Water is the main source that helps in extending the freshness of flowers. But you must change the water regularly. Every day you should change the water. You can add some crushed aspirin tablets to this water. It is a kind of food for cut lilies. This will help cut lilies to sustain for longer hours.

3) Prep the Lilies


Prep the Lilies


Yes, it’s the most important tip as soon as you get lilies bouquets delivery. Take care of these tips before you drop them in the water container. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle in the slanting direction. But before doing this process keep in consideration some tips. The scissor must be hygienically clean and it must be sharp. Keep a glass vase in the sunlight for some time to make it hygienically cleaned. Now pour clean water in the vase and then only allow pruned lilies to go inside the vase.

4) Remove the Pollen


Remove the Pollen


Remove pollen from lilies before entering them into a water vase. Pollens can infect the lilies petals which can dead the petals. Pollens touches the flowers stems. This really becomes the great factor of the death of lilies petals. So my advice is to remove the pollen from the flowers.

5) Fertilize Your Lily


Fertilize Your Lily


Flower food is easily available in the local nursery shop. You need to mix them in the water pot. This keeps your lilies bloom for a longer period of time. Every day you can’t spend money on the fresh floral bouquet. So this would be a great alternative to increase freshens of flowers for a long period. This saves your money and energy to walk into the nursery shop and buy a floral bouquet every day.


6) Cut Lily Flowers


Cut Lily Flowers


Cut lily flowers from the bottom every two or three days. IF you see flowers are not looking fresh or you find stems end turns to black green, take them out from the water and then cut the stems again at a 45-degree angle. It will start absorbing fresh water. This way you can help the lilies flower to bloom fresh for longer hours. Oh, you forget to wish her happy birthday, send flowers today and wish her with all heart. 


7) Divide Lily Bulbs


Divide Lily Bulbs


Divide lily bulbs and lilies flower. Yes, it is a very necessary part when you receive both lilies bulbs and lilies flowers in the same bouquet. Divide lilies bulbs and lilies flower and pour them in different vases.  Bloomed lilies are matured and their shelf life is short. On the other hand, bulbs are going to bloom and they would bloom and appear blooming for longer hours. So my advice is to divide lily bulbs and flowers and adjust them into different vases filled with water.


Lilies are expensive but give a luxury look to your homes. SO if you want to give a royal look to your homes here is the peace lily care guide. So this way you can embellish your home with lilies decoration without spending too much cost on it. You can get the fresh and vibrant look to your home using lily care tips. Ideally speaking it’s the best source to maintain the beauty of homes at a low cost.


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