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7 Popular Tropical Flowers around the World

Posted by Ocillious 04th June 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Popular Tropical Flowers around the World


‘Where Flowers bloom, so does Hope’- this quote is one of the truest words in the world. The flower is the best creation of nature. It is not just filled with its amazing beauty; it is also filled with other important facts. Varieties of flowers vary according to their feasible blooming atmospheres. The flowers in the deserts are the most resistant flowers, the struggling ones. The flowers in the winter countries are filled with maddening incense. And if you want to enjoy the blast of colors along with beautiful fragrance, you need to dig into tropical flowers. Here are the 7 most popular tropical flowers around the world.

1) Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom


Well, this is the most exotic flower in the whole world. In different parts of the world, we see floral festivals where different kinds of flowers are displayed. But this flower is so famous in Japan that every year in Spring, they throw a cheery blossom festival itself which is the famous tourist points from all over the world. It creates pink clouds with its small blossoms. Washington DC also celebrates this festival as n 1912; the Mayor of Tokyo, Mr. Yukio Ozaki, gifted the place 3000 of these trees, as a symbol of more solidarity.


2) Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart


What heart shapes represent universally- of course, it is love! When you have this creeper plant in your garden blooming into small white and pink heart-shaped flowers, it will be the center of attraction for your garden. When it is on full bloom, 20 flowers can bloom together at one branch. The colors range from white to pink to red and yellow. These flowers grow good in a moist and cool climate. When droplets of flowers sit at the hanging tip of the flowers, it looks exactly like a bleeding heart.


3) Camellia



This pink, white and red varieties of flowers hailing from the Southern United States just rock the whole tropical region in the season spring and summer. This flower originates mainly from Eastern and Southern Asia. There are more than 3000 varieties of camellia flowers. This flower has multiple layered petals, so it looks thick. And it spreads beautiful fragrances as well. It is one of the prime ingredients for perfumes. You want to gift this beautiful flower to your beloved, you can order from the same day flower delivery sites.


4) Plumeria



One of the most beautiful and rare flowers in the world, Plumeria was born at sub-tropical America. Especially in places like Hawaii, you can find this flower to be very famous and is used in leis. This is one of the longest-lasting cut flowers. Also, its sweet fragrance can enhance the essence of the place wherever it is placed. The colors that make it look gorgeous are red, yellow, white, and pink. It is an amazing flower to send to your beloved as a special occasion gift. It carries the feelings of love and cares with it to your beloved.


5) Anemone



The name of this flower comes from ‘Anemos’ which means wind. There are many varieties of this flower, but the most famous one is the Anemone Coronaria. It is a native of this flower from the Mediterranean region. It is a wild-flower, mostly tall and in cup shapes. However, the spring flowers can grow lower and near the ground level. The hues vary from red, pink, purple, and white. Though it is a wildflower, it has no less one of the most beautiful flowers in the flora kingdom. Also, it is one of the most colorful flowers in the tropics.


6) Anthurium



It is quite known that the most colorful natural creations in the world are the corals. The kinds of colors corals have are even not possible to create in the palate. But anthurium is the only plant that reflects the perfect coral colors. This is one of the best reasons why it is the most precious flower in the world, after Orchids. It adds beautiful texture and composition to your floral bouquet. Among the varieties of species, the Anthurium andraeanum princess Amelia Elegance is the most favorite one. It is an elegant flower for wedding flower bouquets.


7) Protea



Protea is one of the most notorious tropical floral plants ever. It looks great in any form of a garden, pouring patterns and composition to the beauty of the garden even more. Among all the varieties, the King Protea is one of the best of this Bohemian lush design. And then there is the Pin Cushion Protea that is one of the most beautiful for enhancing the beauty of any bouquet. It is a very famous flower for wedding decor. You can order flowers online to get the best quality of this flower.  


Tropical flowers are the best of the best in a lot of nature’s best creations. Above are the most popular tropical flowers around the world.              


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