7 Plants That Make You Sleep Better Than Ever

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Beautiful Plants that make you sleep better than ever


In my viewpoint sleeplessness is the worst disease; it is a curse to not bless with proper sleep. People try their best to sleep but cannot and when they finally manage to sleep they get awake with a little noise or before going on of alarm. These sleeplessness nights harm our productivity and health. To overcome this problem scientist advice to make plants a party of our decor not because they bring vitality to your furniture space but they help in air purifying and relaxing benefits. These plants and flowers in our bedroom or by the side of bedroom windows can help our sleep cycle. Stress and anxiety levels lead to insomnia so to bring a calm atmosphere around we are advised to fill our home and bedroom with a variety of plants that help in curing insomnia though not directly but indirectly.

Here we have a list of few 7 plants that will make you sleep better.


1. Lavender




Everyone admires the scent of lavender and it is also known for its qualities of inducing sleep, calming atmosphere and reducing anxiety level. Scientists also claim that lavender scents can reduce blood pressure and levels of stress and also slow down the heart rate. In the market, various lavender scent products, as well as lavender mattresses, are available that helps a person to get proper sleep. But why not go for the most natural solution, you can keep a lavender plant by the side of your bedroom window.


2. Aloe-Vera




It is proven that Aloe-Vera is one of the most vital plants for air purification. They release oxygen at night which results in good slumber. You can grow an aloe plant in your garden by your bedroom side as it is one of the easiest plants to grow and also requires a very little amount of water. Aloe-Vera has so many health and beauty benefits. It can cure burns, scars and can clear your skin. This plant is one of the most beneficial plants so get it grown very soon. Keep the pot by your bed and cure your insomnia.


3. Bamboo Palm


Bamboo Palm


NASA has certified Bamboo Palm as a plant that fights air pollution. Bamboo palm is a really low-maintenance plant with high benefits. The soil doesn’t have to be kept wet just keeping it moist will do. It can be placed near your bed and it creates a nice home decor too. The Bamboo plant will bring tropical vibes to your bedroom and keep your room warm even in winters. It is also called Reed Palm and you can surely replace your artificial room fresheners with this odor and toxins removing Bamboo Palm.


4. Ivy Plant


Ivy Plant


English Ivy is known for curing skin allergies and asthma, thus it can improve both the quality and quantity of sleep. Even Ivy Plant makes to the list of NASA’s top plants for air purification. This plant can be easily grown and requires moderate exposure to the sun. In an experiment reported in 2005 Ivy removed 78% of airborne mold spores and 94% airborne faces. Send Flowers online to congratulate your friend on her graduation.


5. Gardenia




Carotenoids found in Gardenia commonly called Croce tin has improved the sleep of 21 people who suffered from insomnia, this research-backed report. And no side effects were found in those people. Gardenia plants contain nice leaves and beautiful white flowers which would work as a home decor. These plants are usually used as natural sleep sedative that improves the sleep cycle of a person suffering from sleep-related problems.


6. Jasmine




A study claims that Jasmine plant helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels that lead to an improved sleep cycle. This plant has a soothing effect both on mind and body. Improved sleep helps in increasing work productivity and alertness. These beautiful pink and ivory flowers would bloom your bedroom with positivity and sweet scent. Its sweet scents would result in good sleep cycle which would further result in refreshed and energetic mornings. Keep this delicate plant away from direct sunlight in summer.


7. Peace Lilies




Peace Lilies are best in the air purification business making it to NASA’s top plants for purifying the air. They do excellent work in cleansing the air and removing toxic gases floating in your home. It is also one of the best indoor plants because of this air purifying quality and their appearance. The plants have fine dark green leaves and elegant white flowers that would increase the elegance of your bedroom. Lilies make nice anniversary flowers too, so send lilies to your friends for their anniversary.


These Plants will not only induce better sleep but will also purify the harmful gases around your home, add to the attractiveness of your bedroom, garden, and home and relax your body.

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