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7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas

Posted by Ocillious 13th January 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas


On valentine's day, couples and young lovers prefer to go outside and enjoy the party time. But many couples want to spend intimate time with their partner. This time the valentine's day home decoration help in making the mood for valentine at home. Home is the comfort zone where you are free to spend the most intimate time with your partner. Here we take you to some romantic valentine decoration ideas to make your home a love spot. This will help to kindle the lamp of love in both hearts. Surprise your partner by transforming your simple home into a lovemaking home.


1) Make a Balloon Centerpiece


Make a Balloon Centerpiece


Occasions like birthdays, weddings look unfinished without balloons decoration. Balloons are budget-friendly, lightweight and most importantly they are easy to dispose of the after-party. Here you can use romantic balloon bouquets to create a romantic atmosphere around. Set up a romantic table setting. A table is adorned with the pink tablecloth, champagne, heart-shaped cake and the red balloons tied to champagne, tablecloth, and desserts. You can also ask for photo balloons to float the romantic memories around.

2) Decorate the Bedroom with Heart-shaped Balloons


Decorate the Bedroom with Heart-shaped Balloons


Heart-shaped balloons are an ideal way to express love and affection. Buy lots of heart-shaped balloons to lie down on the floor. We suggest some valentine decoration ideas for the bedroom. Ask to order some helium-filled heart-shaped balloons. Let them float towards the ceiling. The end thread is hanged with wonderful romantic photos. Spread some balloons on the bed. You can also confess your love by ordering the printed I love you balloons.

3) Potpourri Hearts Decoration

We all do love flowers. But fresh flowers stay just for a few days. The Pottopouri heart decoration will keep scenting the room even after the party. What you need to do is to take an earth-friendly pot to customize in heart shape. You can use red and golden spray paint to give it a romantic touch. Now drop essential oil in it. The magical aroma in the room itself creates romantic vibes around the room.

4) Make Paper Hearts and Decorate Wall


Make Paper Hearts and Decorate Wall


This shows your creativity how come you turn the bare wall into a romantic wall. You can use so many ideas here. Like cut a heart shape in cardboard and then stick a red paper on it. Now stick those beautiful memorable pictures on this heart. Now decorate the sides with streamers, red balloons, cut hearts garlands and many. Or else you can buy a masterpiece reflects love. Directly hang this love frame on the wall. So these are some inspiration for showing love into walls.


5) Rose Bouquet Hanging


Rose Bouquet Hanging


Red rose is a symbol of eternal love. So how can we forget red roses while we are making love scene in the room? Send roses for Valentine's day from an online florist shop. You can also take some white roses to create a magnificent garland. Tie those beautiful roses into string one by one, like you are making a garland. Now hang this beautiful flower garlands as a backdrop of bed, cake table. Or you can hang that lovely garland on the welcome gate or balcony to say you are in love.

6) Make Valentine’s Day Garland



Make Valentine’s Day Garland


No worries if you do not have fresh flowers and you need an end time decoration. You are free to choose any valentine's day home decor ideas from here to flow your creative juices. Make paper hearts and then stick those beautiful hearts into one string. Add some more personal touch. Write some beautiful notes on each and every paper heart. Make some big paper hearts either and stick those memorable photos on it. The valentine day garland can be hanged as a backdrop or to the end thread of helium balloons.

7) Make White Rose Valentine Heart Wreath


Make White Rose Valentine Heart Wreath


It’s a simple trick to decorate the home in the valentine scheme. Fresh white roses will fade away after some period of time. So here we give the permanent solution of it by using faux roses. Use wooden stems and mold them into the heart shape. Use twine to hold the heart shape. Now cut the faux flowers and use the hot glue gun to fix those roses all around the heart shape. The heart wreath will become a keepsake to cherish the moment of valentine.


Keep your love spirits up in the valentine's month by using valentine day celebration ideas. Love is in the air, everyone is in a mood to celebrate the relationship, then why not you? We have made a beautiful list of valentine's day home decor ideas to gear up the loving spirit in and around the home. You can impress your partner or welcome your family and friend by decorating the home in a valentine mood. Try it, you are on the way to rekindle the flame of love in beloved one’s heart.


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