7 Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles

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7 Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is one of the most picturesque, beautiful places all around the world. What if you plan to go to this place for your holiday, anniversary or honeymoon? You need to know everything about where you would be spending your romantic days and nights! We have compiled everything that you need to know about Los Angeles and its pretty picturesque places.


1) Romance in the City of Angels


Romance in the City of Angels


Los Angeles can be one of the most romantic places all across the United States. With the diversity of opportunities for romance being unparalleled anywhere in the World, you can always choose this place for your romantic getaways. Right from beach getaway and mountain retreat to urban gardens and private sunset flights over the city – Los Angeles have it all!


2) Take a Walk on the Beach


Take a Walk on the Beach


Long walks on the beach are always soothing and pleasant, even if people feel like it has become a cliché of some kind. It can also be romantic, if you are with you are with your partner. Los Angeles has beaches in abundance, where you can carry out this activity at your leisure. With over almost 80 miles of coastline, the beach is one of the topmost attractions all over in this place. If you want to make this more romantic, you can send flowers online – and make it anonymous, so that it is more of a surprise from your partner when someone comes to them and give them the flowers out of the blue, when you are walking on the beach.


3) Share A Dinner


Share A Dinner


Los Angeles surely have a whole lot of romantic restaurants all over the place, but sharing this dinner with your special someone makes the night and the place even more memorable. The hotels present here range from simple and non-fussy, to elegant and exceptional. LA features beautiful establishments that don’t only have delicious food, but also provide a feast for the eyes, with its breathtaking views of the city, the Pacific Ocean, or the surrounding mountains.


4) Go Dancing at LA Nightclub


Go Dancing at LA Nightclub


Dancing is a fun thing to do because really, most women love to dance and appreciate a man who is willing to take efforts, in spite of poor dancing skills. Los Angeles flaunts a lot of dance clubs, with all sorts of varieties. Search the one which suits your needs and dancing preferences, and you are good to go! With a variety of clubs present around this place, ranging in price from free entry to expensive cover charges, all you have to do is choose a dance club without breaking your bank and your leg – unless you really want to impress your date.


5) Stroll Through a Garden


Stroll Through a Garden


The area of Los Angeles has a vast number of beautiful public gardens, starting right from encyclopedic botanic gardens to intimate Japanese meditation gardens. Those who are in search of a little peace and a little quiet can always admit themselves in these best public gardens of all the times in Los Angeles. These provide ample entertainment in picturesque, romantic settings. The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino are one of the best destinations where you can get the best of your garden adventure, having over 120 landscaped acres with 13 themed gardens for your enjoyment.


6) Take A Romantic Ride


Take A Romantic Ride


You don’t have to plan a trip to Italy to take a romantic ride on Gondola! There are several locations in Southern California where you can have your own little trip to Italy. Gondola Getaway in Long Beach offers rides around the canals of Naples Island and Alamitos Bay. These rides are also offered in Newport Beach, where some of the most ornate gondolas around are present for you to ride in. They might offer competitive pricing and a range of ride times – so all you have to do is choose the ride which will fit into your budget and your schedule.


7) Take A Romantic Brunch


Take A Romantic Brunch


Nothing beats a brunch, where only you and your partner enjoy the quiet, some quality time. Just before the brunch, you can order some flowers by clicking on the option of send flowers Los Angeles, so that when your partner is coming down to meet you up, it would be a pleasant surprise to get a bouquet of flowers of her own choice!


Los Angeles is a really pretty place to roam around if you know where to really go. If you really plan a trip to Los Angeles, these are some of the things which you can carry out when you are in Los Angeles.


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