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7 Most Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Gardening

Posted by Ocillious 21st October 2019 0 Comment(s)

7 Most Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Gardening

There are plenty of questions most amateur gardeners have about gardening like how to get rid of slugs effectively or whether it is the best time of the day to water the plants etc. Plants are just like babies and they require a lot of care and you need to consider all the aspects while taking care of them. To keep your plants healthy and happy, you need to take care of your plants correctly like watering them regularly, cleaning dry leaves and keeping them in sunlight. Even though how we browse plant care we unavoidably make some mistakes that we regret so kindly avoid them. There are plenty of mistakes one does along the way to achieve their perfect outdoor space and so we are here to share the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

1) Poor Weeding


Poor Weeding

You must not use a hoe to chop the top of a weed. Weeds like dandelions and thistles have a strong root structure under the soul and so you must dig as much of the root you can and try to get rid of it from its roots. You can also use a systematic herbicide as it will absorb the weed down into roots and also kill them. Thus weeding is very important and it should be done in a proper manner. Avoid mistakes in raised bed gardening so the plants grow well and don’t stop growing after little time.

2) Too Much or Too Little Sunlight


Too much or Too little sunlight

Plants are also sensitive to the temperatures and the plant also feels cold and hot just like us. It is very necessary to understand the optimum temperature for your plant. The optimum temperature for photosynthesis is 25 degrees Celsius. So if you feel the temperature is too high for your plant you may dim the lights in the room, invest in air conditioning, increase ventilation around the plant or choose a cooler location for the plant. Know the origin of the plant and provide the correct spot to nourish them better. These are some of the most common mistakes when planting flowers and other plants in gardens.

3) Moving Plants Frequently


Moving Plants Frequently

Plants adapt to their surroundings just like human beings. They adapt to the climate around them and when you move them to different places they get disturbed that is it disrupts their adapted climate. The process if acclimatization takes time and when you move this plant around a lot this plant takes time to adapt its surrounding atmosphere and this way the growth of the plant slows down. The plant may also die out if you move your plant too often. Thus one is advised to keep plants comfortable in one place and move them only if necessary.


4) Placing Plants Too Close to Each Other


Placing Plants too close to each other

Plants are not all about the décor and they require proper space to survive. To make everything thing look pretty and making space for other things you keep your plants too close to each other and that is the biggest mistake. Just like us human beings, plants also require some space to survive and this is why it is important to keep space between two plants. The plants will have a proper area to thrive freely in inadequate space and environment. Avoid this tree planting mistake and see your backyard flourish with green plants and colorful flowers in a very short span of time.

5) Planting out of Season


Planting out of season

Seasons are very important for plants, many of us plant the seeds of cuttings at the wrong time of the year and watch them put out very little growth in the beginning and then we quit. In tropical areas seasons are not much of an issue as long as you give the plants plenty of water, but it is quite another story in the colder climates. Seasons have a hold on plants and so grow the plants in the appropriate season. Send flowers to Canada to your friends and relatives living far away from you and convey your greetings for festivals and other events through bright and colorful flowers.

6) Over Fertilizing


Over Fertilizing

This is the task that is easily overdone. We always consider more the better and keep adding fertilizers to the plants whether organic or not. The excess nutrients can cause big problems like causing fertilizer burn, contributing to runoff pollution and also costing you so much. Invest in soil tests first and then you can use a suitable amount of fertilizers to nurture your plants. Actually, plant food is naturally derived and so it is impossible to add too much but nothing could be further from the truth. So keep a check on fertilizing and let your plant grow.


7) Harvest Irregularly


Harvest Irregularly

When you neglect to harvest regularly the plant suffers. Some plants can produce as many seeds as possible and when we pick or harvest them we also remove seeds inside of it and thus the plant’s energy to make more shifts. Also when you leave the overripe fruit or veggies on the plants, the growth of the plant often stops or the production slows down and this is because of irregular harvesting. Make online flower delivery to your loved ones on important occasions and convey your wishes through these stunning blooms.


Make sure you avoid these common mistakes in gardening and see your garden lush green in no time.


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