7 Indoor Plants that are Surprisingly Tough to Grow

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 7 Indoor Plants that are Surprisingly Tough to Grow


We love to have gardens in our house. Though there are plenty of plants for the home garden, not all of them are easier to grow inside the home. Here are some indoor plants that are surprisingly tough to grow. 


1) Fiddle-leaf fig plants


 Fiddle-leaf fig plants


This is a wildly trendy plant that is very difficult to keep healthy and growing inside the garden. It prefers or needs the just best amount of sun which is very difficult and tough to calculate and provide. Besides, this is one plant that doesn’t like environmental changes and collapses as soon as you change the place, even if it is a room shift within our house. If your house is on the drier atmosphere, do not forget to moist the leaves on a regular basis.


2) Zebra Plant


  most difficult plant to grow - Zebra Plant


Another plant that is very important to carefully look after once you choose it as your house plant is this zebra plant. If your house is in a moist or colder atmosphere, it is not right for you to choose this plant.  The house plant experts say that these plants need a constant 70 degree Fahrenheit temperature to keep alive. Also, the plant needs 60 to 70% humidity throughout. So, if you are living again in a tropical area, you need to continuously moisture this plant. Also, the soil of this plant needs to slightly, not much damp.


3) Gardenia


 Difficult to Grow Plant - Gardenia


Gardenia is one of the best plants all around the world which is very simple to look at but very gorgeous to smell. This white flower is a very simple white flower with nocturnal fragrance. But it quite has an issue with the soil. Atmospheric hot air is not only unsuitable for this plant, but also are very much killing for it. They need plenty of sunlight and are also very much prone to pests like aphids and others. If you want to gift it to someone from fresh flower delivery USA; then make sure the person has a bigger space and an accurate atmosphere to grow this plant.


4) Wandering Jew


 hard to keep alive plants - Wandering Jew


The scientific name of this plant is Tradescantia pendula. But according to the biblical character of Jew, this plant is named as the wandering Jew. The plant has been very much famous for its unique stripes on the leaves, but such designs quickly fade as they are exposed in broad daylight. Besides, the leaves dry out in the winter very quickly, if it loses moisture. Also, the watering for the plant is also very much tricky and risky as it needs the soil to be slightly damp but the crown of the plant should not get too wet.


5) Boston Fern


 Tough to Grow Plants - Boston Fern


Someone who wants to keep their home covered with pure green, this plant is a great choice. But one needs to work really hard to make them full grown. These plants completely dry out in direct sunlight, rather they grow healthy in filtered or indirect sunlight. It is also difficult to keep the soil of the plant moist as these plants quickly wither if their root balls are dried out. Also, a home too chilly or cold is not at all suitable for these delicate plants as they love to be alive in temperature around 65 to 70 Fahrenheit.


6) Banana Plant


 Hard to Grow Indoor Plants - Banana Plant


This is a huge tropical plant that is very difficult to be kept indoors. It needs a minimum of 50% moisture or humid temperature to grow in a proper way. And it also needs a concrete 12 hours of sunlight to grow strong and healthy. So, someone who is not living in a tropical area must not choose this plant as one of the house plants ever.


7) Azaleas


 hardest plant to grow at home - Azaleas


These plants bloom into pink flowers in the springtime when kept out-door. But this plant needs equally moist and cold temperature which is very difficult to create inside your bedroom. The indoor Azaleas are only possible to grow if they are kept in an enclosed, unheated porch inside the room. Also, you need to add vinegar to the water to keep the Azalea alive and growing because they like growing in slightly acidic soil. This can be unique romantic flowers.


Plants are amazing in nature, but not all plants are perfect for every environment. Above are the plants that one better avoid choosing as indoor plants.


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