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7 Heat – Tolerant Plants that Survive in Summer

Posted by Ocillious 16th August 2019 0 Comment(s)

7 Heat – Tolerant Plants that Survive in Summer


In summer it is quite difficult for the gardener to maintain the outdoor garden. Harsh rays on sunlight burn the plants. But with proper watering, shadow technique you can make beautiful flower bed or flower border, flower wall in summer. So let’s get ready for creating a summer garden. We take you to the knowledge of heat-tolerant tropical plants which blooms in the sunny climate. They are drought heat resistant plant to create a beautiful summer garden in the backyard or front porch. The sun-loving plants bloom throughout the year so it keeps your garden blooming all around the year.

1) Lantana


Summer bedding plants - Lantana

Lantana can keep blooming for a long period of time. The clusters of the flower come in pink, orange, yellow and some with mixed color. Lantana can be grown easily in the drought soil. It absorbs less water and uses the sun as a portion of food to grow. It is a carefree plant; just you need to keep it watering when needed. Lantana prefers full sunlight and also tolerates salt. It can be easily grown in salty and rocky soils. Lantana needs no fertilizer for growing. If you wish to add some fertile you can use compost to make soil soggy and moist. It is a heat-tolerant plant you just need to water it once in a week.


2) Marigold


heat tolerant plants - Marigold

Marigold is another drought-tolerant plant. It blooms in the cluster of orange, yellow and red and white. Marigold smells nice when it fully blooms. You can use it as a hanging planter or pot it in the garden appears direct sunlight. It is a sun-loving plant. Full sunlight gives it life. You can plant it in any kind of soil, it needs no fertilizer to grow. Allow its roots water when the soil becomes hard and completely dried.

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3) Geranium


Full sun plants - Geranium

Geranium is a pretty drought tolerant plant which can bear harsh sun, cold and winter. It keeps blooming throughout the year. New hybrid Geranium is very much popular flowering plant to make flowering bed or flower walls. No nourishment is needed but if you wish to you can enrich the soil with compost and cocoa peat. It needs full sunlight and water in a week to grow. It is an annual plant keep the plant bushy and blooming all around the year. Prune some plants as they reach around 6 to 8 tall feet height. Pruning can help make your flower bed look perfect.


4) Cosmos


Summer bedding plants - Cosmos

Your lifestyle is busy so you need no maintenance flowers for an outdoor garden. Well for those homeowners cosmos flower bed is good. You can use it to make a flower bed or making a flower wall. Cosmos looks like a daisy flower comes in pink and white shades. Cosmos need no nourishment, fertilizers. It needs full sun and water once a week. Cosmos easily grow in any type of soil. No worries if you have poor soil in the garden, just add cosmos plant in your garden. You will appear the magical flower bed after a few days.


5) Madagascar Periwinkle


Summer plants - Madagascar Periwinkle

Use this flowering plant to give a complete makeover to your garden. The bushy Madagascar Periwinkle plant is a heat resistant plant. It needs some soggy soil but it can be planted in any kind of poor soil. The plant has a waxy leaf which helps to make the garden environment green. It blooms in pink, red and white shades. It is an annual flower keeps blooming in any season in any atmosphere.


6) Wax Begonia


Summer indoor plants - Wax Begonia

Wax Begonia can easily tolerate scorching and harsh sunlight rays. Though it’s a shelf life is one day it keeps blooming with new clusters on the next day. It has waxy flower petals that attract butterflies. Wax begonia can bear any type of season. It grows in a pot and opens garden. Even if you are a beginner you can start planting the garden with this bush like a flowering plant. It needs some fertilizer when needed. And water it twice a week for healthy growth.


7) Penstemon


heat tolerant plants - Penstemon

Penstemon has bell-like flowers comes in various shades. It is a late summer flower used for making flowering border and bed. It cannot bear so much cold and moist environment. It fully grows in the summer’s heat. It needs some fertile, hard and free-draining soil. You can start planting it around in May month. Winter and spring are not suitable months to plant Penstemon. It needs little water and some pruning to cut the dead plants and clusters.

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Summer is the time when you get enough time for planting and gardening. Heat tolerant plants are always used for adding some greens in and around the homes. Use these drought-tolerant plants to bloom your garden all around the year.


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