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7 Fabulous Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding

Posted by Ocillious 10th June 2019 0 Comment(s)


Flowers give special effects to your special day. It adds color and drama to a marriage destination. The wedding venue seems incomplete without the decoration of flowers. from the wedding stage to the guest’s chair, a backdrop to a photoshoot in every space floral decoration looks aesthetically beautiful. Flowers have varied colors and shapes and so the reason is it adjusts to any type of wedding theme. We take a brief survey on romantic flower bouquets delivery and come to the conclusion that how important is to incorporate flowers at a wedding. we have followed some examples down here.


1. Bridal Entry With Flowers Carpet (cheddar) On Top



A bride wants her entry should be noticed and appreciated. The bride wants to feel like a queen for the day. Treat queen with grandeur entry with flowers. Bride’s entry with flowers carpet on the head is an Indian wedding tradition. Now it is followed in so many weddings to give an aesthetic look to the bride’s entry. Welcome bride with flowers chaddar on the top. Cover the bridal walking aisles with flower petals and as a bride come to shower your blessings with sprinkling flowers petals on her head.


2. A Floral Backdrop For Your Photos



In every wedding photoshoot plays an important role. Here you can add a natural charm in the photo booth by decorating flowers in the backdrop. If you are following a single tone theme, a single color flower backdrop is a nice idea. But colorful flowers impresses more than a single toned backdrop. To add more drama use peach and white color blooms to set on the top edge of the stage. Green veins then hang down to give a lush flower backdrop image.


3. Use Flowers Instead Of Confetti



Many of us have used confetti to shower on the heads of wedding couples. Flowers petals used in most of the decoration, decorating the wedding aisles, to decorate the wedding floor and in so many. Here you can use flower confetti to give it a completely natural look. Shower your blessings to a couple by showering flower petals in the replacement of confetti. Confetti looks materialistic while flower petal fragrance doesn’t stick and also spread whimsical fragrance in the air.


4. Floral Chairs With Petals Bag



We give importance to the wedding stage, welcome entry to a photoshoot but what about chairs. Give a VIP treatment to honorable guests by hanging flower petals goodie bags on the backside of the chair. You can also use a mini bouquet or big sized single flower to drape them on the backside of the chair. This type of floral setting mostly used in outdoor wedding ceremonies. But you can use it for indoor wedding ceremonies too.


5. Cakes Flowers



Bakers have launched a new innovative way of decorating a cake with fresh edible flowers. Instead of using icing and colorful frosting bakers use floral colors to embellish the wedding cake. A simple white wedding cake adorned with beautiful flowers on top gives a rich look to the cake. Either dried or fresh flowers you can use both types of flowers to give a WOW look to your wedding cake.


 6. Chandeliers



Use floral chandeliers in the place of crystal chandeliers. You have set the summer wedding and everything is set in floral theme, how could chandeliers excluded from this list. Ask florists to accent the ceilings or tents with flower chandelier on the head.


 7. Flower Umbrellas For The Bride's Entrance



Make your queen’s entry very special and unique using a flower umbrella. Tell your florist to make flower umbrella matches with the bride’s attire. A bride has to step to the wedding stage with the floral umbrella on the head. If she finds difficult to hold tell the bridesmaid to hold this for her. It is the most special way to treat bride-to-be like a princess.

Your wedding is soon approaching in the next month, take this article as an inspiration and order flower online. The second reason is that the flowers don’t cost much. Even if you have a limited budget one can afford to have a floral decoration at a wedding. Certainly, it beautifies the wedding venue and helps to create beautiful memories for keepsake.


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