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7 Dream Flowers Every Girl wants from her Man on Valentine's Day

Posted by Ocillious 16th January 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Dream Flowers Every girl wants from her Man on Valentine’s Day


Flowers are one of the wonderful gifts for women on every occasion, they why to miss them on a special day like valentine’s day. Every girl excepts are the beloved man to gift her flowers as they are the best way to express affection and love. There are some seven dream flowers among a wide range of flowers that make every woman special when they receive from their love. Let’s check out these flowers.


1) Juliet Rose


Juliet Rose


Juliet Rose is one of the unique flowers from the rose family, with a sophisticated appearance that makes it so special. Though they are expensive, still it is worth gifting this deeply cupped rosette in apricot peach color to the love of your life or your dream girl on the occasion of valentine's day. Definitely they feel special to receive 90 petal count flowers with a delightful fragrance. So, send flowers for valentines day which carries a bouquet of Juliet Rose.


2) Alstroemeria


alstroemeria - Lily of the Incas


Alstroemeria also well known as Peruvian lilies are also one of the best flowers to gift the special person of life. They are available abundantly in South America and are native to this place. The attractive feature of these flowers that make them so popular is its long-lasting features and its wonderful petals will grab the attention. Gifting this bouquet of flowers represents the devotion of love from your end to the dream girl of your life. So, why to wait for Aistromeria is the best one and to shower your love send flowers today.


3) Gloriosa


Gloriosa - Fire lilies


Gloriosa one of the wonderful and attractive flowers that grab the attention with the appearance of color-changing petals from the center to the tip. These flowers are grown in Asia as well as South Africa and are native to this place. The awesome colors in which these flowers are available are yellow-green, yellow, orange along with deep red color. To gift best valentine flowers on a special day to your love pick Gloriosa, which is a unique and expensive flower.


4) Stargazer Lillies


Stargazer Lillies


Stargazer lilies are yet another delightful flowers that make the lovers feel special when they are gifted to them on valentine's day. So, to honor the ambition of your girl gift them a bouquet of stargazer lilies that are romantic too in their appearance and fragrance. To offer a more elevated look pair up these stargazer lilies along with roses in the bouquet to bring out the royalty look. So pick these romantic flowers for girlfriend.


5) Red Tulips


Red Tulips


Red Tulips are the charming flowers that are popular in the decorations for weddings and other occasions. Bouquet of these fragrant flowers is a perfect gift and will mark the true love of the special person. Each color of tulips have their special meaning and are loved because of the stronger color than others. At the same time, these are the favorite flowers to many of them. However, the price of Red tulips is quite affordable. All the colors of tulips stand for perfect love. So think of giving flowers to a girl you like on Valentine's day to feel them, how special they are in your life.


6) Matthiola Incana


Matthiola Incana - Hoary stock


Matthiola Incana is the appealing flowers with their color in pink, they appear delicate in color as well as petals. The spicy cinnamon fragrance spread by them is quite striking and brings out a pleasant atmosphere. Bouquet of these flowers will definitely be a pleasant surprise to your valentine. These flowers will symbolize the beauty and that will not fade with the ages. So, these will be perfect floral gifts for your friend, lover and a much more important person in your life. Don’t forget to pick the bouquet of Matthiola Incana on this valentine's day.


7) Ranunculus


Ranunculus - Buttercup


Ranunculus is one of the astonishing colorful flowers with their swirly appearance making them one of the best choices for gifting to the lovers. These flowers are well known as butter cups. They are the perfect flowers that symbolize charm, attraction along with the radiation. So, pick them for the girl of your life on the occasion of valentine’s day.


The above mentioned are some of the 7 dream flowers that every girl dreams to get them gifted on valentine’s day.


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