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7 Creative Ways to Surprise with Rose on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Ocillious 08th February 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Creative Ways to Surprise with Rose on Valentine’s Day


For many centuries it has become a tradition of giving your loved one beautiful flower for Valentine’s Day. And as Roses represents true love and affection they are the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers. To make your Valentine’s Day roses more special you can get creative with ways in which you present roses to your dear one. You can convey your deepest love feelings to your partner with the help of stunning and romantic roses but still sometimes one might think of roses as common gifts. Thus we are here with some creative ways to surprise your loved one with Roses for Valentine’s Day.


1) Make a Rose Wreath


Make a Rose Wreath


Instead of giving your loved one a bunch of red roses you can opt for this heart-shaped rose wreath. You can get a rose wreath online or make a heart-shaped Rose wreath with the help of your little ones. You can use both dried and fresh rose to make this wreath. Simply hang this heart-shaped rose on your entrance door and your loved one will be surprised when they will notice this on Valentine’s Day morning. You can surprise your special someone with romantic rose arrangements to tell them how much you love them through pretty and lovely red roses for Valentine’s Day.


2) Rose Petal Pendant


Rose Petal Pendant


This pendant is created from miniature rose petals. This rose petal pendant is an expression of love that is frozen in time. Your lady love will be reminded of the love you have for her every time she will wear this pendant. Also, she will always fee your presence when she will wear this unique rose petal pendant. You can choose from a variety of colorful glazed rose petals like pink, purple, red, blue or white. You can choose from a wide range of cute Valentine’s Day gifts for her and wish her Happy Valentine’s Day through lovely gifts.


3) Gold Dipped Rose


Gold dipped rose


The biggest complaint of lovers is the roses do not last long. So this time ditch those fresh roses and choose this gold-dipped natural rose which will last till eternity. As your undying love, this rose will also not die and will stay forever. This eternity rose comes in lovely luxurious packaging which is an add on. So wow the love of your life with this Valentine’s Day gold dipped rose which is a perfect gift this love season. Get a bunch of Valentine’s Day roses from online florists and make your loved one’s day with a surprise delivery of romantic and stunning blooms.


4) Rainbow Rose in a Box


Rainbow Rose in a Box


Roses are the flowers that know the language of love. Roses can express the feelings which you cannot put in words so surprise your loved one with this rainbow rose in a box. A single rose is not enough to express your love to your dear one. So this is actually a box in which all colors of rainbows in the form of roses are arranged. Thus all the types of emotions can be conveyed with this rainbow rose in a box because different colored roses express different emotions. Make same day flower delivery to your friends and relatives for special occasions and festivals to convey your wishes.


5) Decorate the Room with Red Roses


Decorate the room with red roses


If you have many time gifted rose arrangement to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, try this idea to surprise your lover for Valentine’s Day. You can surprise your lover by decorating your room with rose petals before they reach home. You can also decorate the room with scented candles and create a romantic aura with all these romantic kinds of stuff which will create the memories that you guys can cherish for a lifetime.


6) Gorgeous Bouquet of Red Roses


Gorgeous Bouquet of Red Roses


There’s no better way to start your loved one’s Valentine’s Day than with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses. You can surprise your loved one with midnight or early morning romantic rose bouquet delivery. Tell them how much you love them through these stunning and romantic roses. They will definitely be delighted with such a lovely surprise as girls love receiving flowers form the one they love and as it is Valentine’s Day this surprise would be more special to them. Buy rose online and express your feelings to your loved one through the most romantic flower of love.


7) Give a Rose Shaped gift


Give a rose shaped gift


If you have given your partner roses for enough time you can get a little creative and surprise them with gifts that are in the shape of a rose. You can surprise them with a rose smelling candle that is also in the rose shape. A rosey scrapbook is also a very unique gift that will include lovely photos of you and your loved one. Other gifts like a rose jewel, rose lantern, the rose cake will make a lovely gift. You can order red roses for Valentine’s Day from our online flower shop to convey your love to your significant other.


We hope these creative ways of surprising with the rose on Valentine’s Day make your dear one feel really special and loved.


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