7 Best Selling Flowers As a Gift In Philippines

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Best Selling Flowers As a Gift In Philippines


Flowers are of the best gift gifted by nature to Human species. They are offered on alloccasions as a token of expression. Everyone loves to receive flowers. They play an important role and symbolize a meaning in every nation. It is used on occasions to nurture human mood. Flowers are also given on holidays and festivals to wish near and dear ones. Here are top flowers that are important in the Philippines, you can buy from here and send flowers online in Philippines. This flower symbolizes a meaning which is also mentioned below.


Residents of Philippines, hobbyist and Gardner's love these flowers. They are much loved here:


1) Sampaguita 


Sampaguata Flowers


Smapguita is an Arabic Jasmine Flower or also known as Jasminum Sambac. This flower species belongs from India and Mainland Southeast Asia. The name meaning is as per Indian and Malay Word “ Sinasamba kita”. This means “I Worship You”. In the Philippines there is a tradition to offer this flower to deities and unseen Spirits.


Sampaguita is also considered as the flower of love in many Southeast Asian Countries. It is the national flower of Indonesia and Philippines. In Philippines the flower is used to make garland. These garlands are use to welcome foreigners, VIPs, Graduate students. The reason behind this is to give Honour, Veneration and Accolades. In wedding and religion events the flower symbolizes love, Purity and divine. It is also used in Churches and wedding to decorate the ambience.  

2) Orchids 

Orchids Flowers


Orchids are most Luxurious type of lowers. It is Famous for its Delicate, Graceful and exotic beauty. It represents Love, Luxury, Delicate Beauty and Strength. In Philippines there are rituals carried during the blooming of the flowers. Thus, Orchids are much popular in Philippines.


Now Send Flowers Online in Philippines to wish, dear ones. A flower bouquet of Orchids can make a perfect gift of Luxury to wish, dear ones on any occasion. There is a cut shaped orchids imported from Thailand, Malaysia and Hawaii to Philippines. They are much popular here.

3) Roses 

Rose Flowers


Roses have been the most favorite flowers of all. Roses in the Philippines are popular as Rosas. There is one Single local species that are grown here on the Spanish area. This species is identified as Rosa Philippines Merr.


Roses are available in different colours. Each colour represents a different meaning. Red Rose stands for Love and intense Romance. During valentines and other occasions Send Roses Online are popular in the Philippines. To express your love Red roses makes a perfect gift idea. There are other large varieties also grown here.


There are smaller varieties of roses also grown here. It is also calleitimini Roses. These roses are usually grown in the garden. These small rose species used for landscaping purpose in the Philippines.

4) Anthurium 

Anthurium Flowers


Anthurium is usually used in flower arrangement during festivities and events. The meaning of flower name is “Tail Flower”. The heart shape leaves are offered only on special occasions. During Valentine’s Day, it can make a perfect gift idea. It can make the best gift for someone whom you are dating or married to.


Potted flower is also popular in the Philippines as a gift. Potted Anthurium make a thoughtful gift idea for people recovering from illness. The meaning of this flower represents Irresistible and healing.  


Flower symbol also varies from colour to colour and the variety of flowering plants.

5) Hydrangea 

Hydrangea Flowers


This flower is also known as Milflowers. This is because of its thousands of Minuscule’s clustering flower.  During the Spanish colonial era, this flower was introduces in Philippines. It symbolizes heartfelt emotions and Soulful message.  Some people use it to convey gratitude for understanding a person. Express friendship and devotion can also be a thoughtful ideas through this flower. 


Hydrangea flower changes its color as per the alkalinity or PH level of the soil.

6) Hibiscus 

Hibiscus Flowers


Hibiscus has different species and  colors the country. The flower represents happiness and celebration.  Another name of the flower is  Gumamela.  This flower has a lot of hybrids that is imported from Hawaii, Malaysia, and Thailand.


There are double petal flowers in the Philippines that are grown here. They make a perfect gifting idea for any celebration or happy expression. The bunch of flowers adds an exotic and cheerful visual treat to anyone who receives it.

7) Santan 

Santan Flowers


Another name of this flower is  Ixora Coccinea. This flower is usually planted at the entrance  of one’s house. So gifting a hibiscus plant would make a thoughtful idea.  People believe that planting Hibiscus at the entrance of the house is good. It will keep the Evil Spirits off and brings in good luck. The flowers are offered to young maidens. This gesture symbolizes the burning passion for their love and career.


The recent trend in the Philippines is to use hibiscus as a material for bonsai by Bonsai Hobbyists. The plan is grown through easy maintenance and cutting. 


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