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7 Best NYE Party Decorations Ideas to Ring in the New Year

Posted by Ocillious 09th December 2019 0 Comment(s)

7 Best NYE Party Decorations Ideas to Ring in the New Year


As much as we wait for Christmas to arrive, it’s also the excitement of New Year that brings loud cheer and thrill. Are you someone who is a party freak? Someone who totally enjoys being a great host and taking care of the guests aka your friends, colleagues, and loved ones?


Well, who doesn’t love that? Of course, it demands a lot of time, management, and creative ideas to execute a party. But, that’s why we are here to render help, aren’t we?


Today, in this blog we have mentioned down 7 New Year decorations ideas to start the glamorous countdown and bring the vibe together. Without further ado, check out this blog.


1) Rock and Roll Style Decoration


Rock and Roll Style Decoration


The first NYE party décor idea is the Rock and Roll Style Decoration. In this idea, turn your usual urban room into a full flair by hanging the glitz embellishments. You can hang it to the wall or an exposed area of brick to highlight the décor.


Alongside, don’t forget to drape the fairy lights. It will transform the regular room into a luminous and radiating the cozy environment. Once the décor is completed, it is time to adorn with the party props.


There are plenty of party pops available at the online store. Hence, the one that matches with the Rock and Roll style theme works amazingly. Add drumsticks and red armchair to rest the dancing feet. Alongside this, don’t forget to inject the vibrant color and finish it off with the skull motif candle. It will bring a gothic touch to the party.


2) Gingerbread House Decorating Party


Gingerbread House Decorating Party


Gingerbread House Decorating Party idea is a classic one that brings out the sheer creativity especially when kids are involved. This festive season, invite the kids in spending time with their loved ones and celebrate NYE.


But, an important point to remember while hosting is to keep ready beforehand so that there’s no hassle at the last minute. For years decorating the Gingerbread houses is a tradition many families follow. You can either buy readymade Gingerbread houses or bake it on your own.


Also, stock up the edible decorations for the DIY. Lastly, curate some space and allow the children to adorn the Gingerbread house party with the delicious candies.


3) Holiday Cocktail Party


Holiday Cocktail Party


NYE is a short holiday that brings you close in spending time with the loved ones. It’s a holiday party idea that will get you energized and pump up the excitement. In this type of party décor, implement simplicity and elegance.


Since it is a cocktail party, make sure you bring the right cocktails for the party. The food arranged for the party should be tasty and appetizing. For the décor, you can opt for the simple embellishments like dimmed lights and casual props to highlight the décor.  Alongside, send flowers online for christmas to the guests who were unable to attend.


4) Fireside Roast and Toast Theme


Fireside Roast and Toast Theme


The Fireside Roast and Toast theme is a new and impeccably great option for NYE. Since, it is December, snowfall, and chilled winds, it’s time to get some warmth.


With the Fireside Roast and Toast theme, you can set up the environment and theme for the perfect celebration. All you need is to set up a multiple Fireside and get the guests together. Since it is Fireside, you can indulge in Barbeque or simply roast and toast the food.


5) Champagne Balloon Bubbles Decor


Champagne Balloon Bubbles Decor


We all have traditional and old Champagne bottles. It’s high time to transform them together for NYE’s décor idea. For this, you will require Champagne bottles and buy balloons online for Christmas.


Get the bottles together and the four numbers for the year to begin. Besides, the glitter, golden ribbons, gold spray color, and other things are needed. To attach all of it, you will also require a hot glue gun to align the décor together.


6) Traditional Potluck Party


Traditional Potluck Party


Invite the guests to your NYE party by asking them to bring the Potluck. It could be anything, from savory items to the smooth and delicious desserts, or drinks.


Make sure that each item is unique on the menu and ask the guests to share it with you beforehand to prevent confusion. In the end, always remember, it’s all about spending a good time with the dear ones by enjoying the best potluck party ever. Being a host, you can offer tiny food baskets filled with snacks and other delicacies in return gifts.


7) Black-Light Glow Party


Black-Light Glow Party


Last but not least comes the Black-Light Glow Party. Black and Gold are the ultimate color duo that works all day and every day.


For this, you can get a little fancy look by getting the gold and black together with the French Chic. The shiny things will glow and become the center of attraction for the New Year Eve’s celebration.


From black cupcakes, cake stands, to confetti balloons, get everything through an online portal for the delightful celebration.


So, that was all about the best party decorating themes for the NYE party. Say Goodbye to 2019 and say Hello to 2020 by following the above-mentioned themes. Trust us, it will be so much fun that you won’t wish the night to end. Hurry up! Get started NOW.


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