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7 Belated Birthday Gift Ideas to Melt Her Heart

Posted by Ocillious 29th July 2019 0 Comment(s)

7 Belated Birthday Gift Ideas to Melt Her Heart


Girls are very possessive about their birthday celebration. They want to seek attention from all those very close to heart, especially from boyfriend or husband. It is but natural that man has to do lots of hard work and they do not get the time to remember the birthday every time. Suddenly it stuck to their mind her birthday was yesterday they start feeling guilty. Excuses will not work here; you have to do something extraordinary. We have managed to show you some wooing tricks to melt her heart. Definitely, it will help you in managing your long term relationship. Don’t worries take any belated birthday gift idea and start taking immediate action. 


1) Romantic Vacation


belated birthday gift ideas : romantic vacation


If you have missed your girl’s birthday you are going to suffer from a big problem. To rescue from this situation you have to break your bank. Book a vacation trip to a favorite destination and spend some quality weekend with her. I think it will save you from the break-up. During the vacation trip, you can convince her type of situation led you to forget her birthday. She will definitely try to understand your condition.


2) Make a Belated Birthday Wish Video


belated birthday gift ideas : birthday wish video


You can create some memorable video to let her forget about you have missed her birthday. Make a birthday wish video using online tools. You have to collect lots of photos of you and hers and then use it to include in the birthday video. Pop some love messages in between and birthday wishes to feel her heart with joy. At the end of video make her a video call and say how deeply you are in love with her and say her to forgive this time. And to add special memory send birthday balloons at her doorstep to give her a cute surprise.


3) Farm Fresh Flowers and Wine


belated birthday gift ideas : farm fresh flowers and wine


Flowers gift is one of the most popular birthday gifts for girls. Their adorable beauty and enchanting fragrance instantly uplift her mood. But not just that you can prepare a combo set of wine and farm-fresh flowers gift. If she is a wine addict this combination will make her day. She can enjoy drinking wine with scenting the alluring the fragrance of flowers. It is a guilt-free gift will lead her to make her smile immediately.


4) Sorry Greeting Card and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate


belated birthday gift ideas : ferrero rocher chocolate


Your baby has a sweet tooth then no other gift then chocolate can boost her mood. She may have a worldly thing but her stomach will always hungry for the best chocolates. So do the best for her. Send her a branded Ferraro Rocher Chocolate box and one greeting card showing “sorry” message on it. She has a reason to not to talk to her, but once she is handover such an alluring gift she will start talking to you immediately. Yeah, this is the best trick to woo your girl, go for it.


5) A Diamond Jewelry


belated birthday gift ideas : diamond jewelry


Every girl in the world is fascinated by fashion ornaments especially diamond jewelry. Mostly they wear diamond jewelry to show off their style in the group of friends. So here you can use her passion to see her smile on the next day of birthday. Buy her a diamond ring, diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet which suits her style. Offer her a gift and humbly request her to forgive for a big mistake. For sure she will do.


6) A Visit to an Orphanage


belated birthday gift ideas : visit to an orphanage


If she possesses a kind nature and believes in donation and charity, take her to an orphanage. Take some chocolates, some lunch packs or snacks to give those unlucky children. I think this would melt her heart instantly. Once she will meet to the grief of those unfortunate children she will forget hers. And your good deed will make a special space into her heart.


7) A Personalized Gift of her Choice


belated birthday gift ideas : personalized gift


What is her favorite activity, is she a reader, buy her a favorite author’s book. If she loves drinking coffee, buy her a coffee mug personalized with a special message. If she is seeking for any gift, buy her that gift and then personalize it with favorite initials. A personalized gift creates a special memory that stays forever in the heart of love one. So in my view, it would be an ideal gift choice if you thoroughly know about her interest.


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So here are some useful and thoughtful tips to convince your girl. Girls have a very soft heart; they just need care and concern. The gift is an exception but it doesn’t mean girls love expensive gifts. Even a single flower can melt her heart, but when it is given in perfect time. So don’t miss this chance, don’t forget their birthdays. And if you have missed it, the solution is available on the above-mentioned tips.


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