7 Beautiful Balloons Decoration Ideas that Gives More Joy and Fun

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7 Beautiful Balloons Decoration Ideas that Gives More Joy and Fun


Balloons are always associated with fun and cheerful times – they are also used for decorations, but these are always fairly basic. What we have mentioned in the list given below are the different types of balloon decoration ideas which you can use to make a party more fun and enjoyable. If any one of your loved one’s birthday is coming up, then you know what to do!


1.   Balloon Garden


Balloon Garden


Balloon Garden is one of the most beautiful, unique way of decorating a venue. Stick these balloons on the grass – there are lot of options available which tells you how to do that – and make sure that they are filled with helium so that they stay afloat.


2.   Balloon Garland


Balloons Garland


Garlands of flowers is always a common thing, something to expect in any kind of celebration. But, have you ever thought of making a balloon garland? Yes, that’s right – a balloon garland is something that is unheard of! All you need to do is carefully string some balloons together with a needle and a thread and voila! You are all set to go and decorate the venue. You can even use helium balloons to create the perfect arch. Send balloons to your loved ones and persuade them to make such garlands – it will be fun!


3.   Water Balloon Ice Bucket


Water Balloon Ice Bukcet


If you are not that much of a fan into taking your bottles from the frigid water filled with ice, then the balloons will come to the rescue! You can freeze water balloons and use them to keep your bottles cold instead. You don’t even have to worry about any kind of wet and icy melting!


4.   Glitter Balloons


Glitter Balloons


Don’t you think that it will be a great idea to put some glitter over these normal colored balloons? Everyone wants something unique and eye pleasing in the decoration – and we are going to give them just that. Send balloons chicago, Illinois, and all over the World, so that your loved ones can make this glitter balloon idea happen. All you have to do is, stick some glitter over the surface, or you can even fill the balloon with glitter from inside – it’s a world full of options.


5.   Photo Hanging


Photo Hanging


This might be one of those ideas which have been around for a long time, but it still works, and wonderfully at that. Take some balloons and stick them up the ceiling, with the thread hanging loose in the air. Clasp some of your beautiful photos on this loose thread, and you will have your own personalized photo album right in your room.


6.   Make Mini Balloon Place Cards


Make Mini Balloon Place Cards


Just place cards can be hyped up a bit, by using balloons! You can use balloons to decorate the place cards as well. Fill up the balloons with helium and wrap up the place cards with the string; place them on the plate and you are ready to go!


7.   Ice Cream Balloons


Ice Cream Balloons


Ice cream balloons sounds crazy – but after hanging them by the wall, they look so good! Find a nice, sturdy brown paper, which you can roll up in a cone. Then take some balloons, fill them with helium and suspend them in the air – maybe by the window or even by the door. It will work wonderfully if these are used for an ice-cream lover’s birthday party.



So, there you have it! These are top 7 ideas of some beautiful decorations using just Balloons and of course, you DIY skills. They are undoubtedly affordable and are more fun than just normal balloon decorations!



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