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6 Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers of USA

Posted by Ocillious 05th March 2020 0 Comment(s)

6 Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers of USA


Mother’s day is approaching soon and we all are ready to appreciate motherhood. Some things never changed like a mother’s love. It’s the right time to say “thank you, mom, for everything”. The sweet and fragrant flower bouquet is the most appropriate gift to pay tribute to womanhood. Mother’s day falls once in a year but moms keep working 24 hours 365 days without taking any remuneration back. So make your mom feel proud and special by delivering the best floral bouquets. We have got you covered the list of flowers that can be taken away for celebrating woman’s empowerment. We have mentioned the best flowers for mom.


1) Lisianthus




Lisianthus is a trending mother’s day flowers to appreciate motherhood. Its beauty resembles peonies and roses. It is also known as the Prairie gentian. The blooms look beautiful when pairing up with other flowers. Lisianthus flower is symbolized for appreciation. It represents admiration and gratitude in a well-behaved manner. It is also used to share thankfulness and romantic attachment. A long-stemmed Lisianthus group looks extravagantly gorgeous. It comes in all colors but pink lisianthus is the most preferable flower for sharing love, acceptance, acknowledgment, and respect.


2) Alstromeria




Alstromeria is the best flower to adore the devotion she paid to unite the family into one bond. Its second name is Lily of the Incas. Mother is the pillar on which the whole family stands. It’s her courage her devotion and her efforts that transform the concrete house into a home. Send flowers online from here. Alstromeria is a long-lasting flower that expresses devotion, attachment, and recognition. Alstromeria comes in beautiful shades but the peach and pink are the favorite colors for showing appreciation and gratefulness.


3) Roses




You can profess your undying love for her by offering red roses bouquet. In every niche, you need a mom. From education to social value, from sports encouragement to emotional support you need a mom. This mother’s day value all her efforts by giving her a bouquet of peach and pink roses. Buy roses online from here. Pink rose is the most favorable color for mother’s day. But if you want to express deep love for your mom, get the red roses bouquet.


4) Carnations




Carnations symbolized to encourage womanhood, passionate beauty and long-lasting beauty. Most stores are filled with pink, peach and red carnations arrangements during Mother’s day and woman’s day. Carnation is a perfect flower for cherishing womanhood. Carnations come in different shades but peach, red and pink are the favorite colors for sharing gratitude and appreciation.

5) Tulips




A long-stemmed tulips bulb is a unique flower for mother’s day stands for showing the bold and strong character of the woman. Mothers are strong both from outside and inside. She has the courage to fight any difficulty. It is the power that made her the strongest creature in this world. Pink tulips arrangement conveys love, admiration, respect, recognition, and acknowledgment. You can also take a mixed bouquet of red, pink, white and peach tulips.


6) Lilies




Lilies resemble the nature of women. Lilies have an exotic fragrance and alluring appearance. This resembles the beauty of a woman. You can appreciate her inner beauty and her beautiful nature by offering a lilies bouquet. From white to pink to yellow to red all types of colors are available to share feelings. White is for serenity, devotion, and purity of heart and pink is for adoration and acceptance, red is to appreciate compassionate love. The day lily is a traditional flower of Chinese culture to appreciate motherhood. Lily's heavenly fragrance brings fresh energy and positive vibes. So it’s the best flower you can look to cheer her up during the entire day.


We all need the mother in every place. Without any question, she helps us in every niche. It is our moral duty to make her feel special during mother’s day. Take some time to spend the whole day with her. And if you are not able to meet her you can convince your love by same day flower delivery. I think now you are able to find the most appropriate flower for mother’s day. All the above flowers bloom in the spring month so you are able to find the bouquet of fresh flowers during mother’s day celebration.


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