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6 Silly Things You Do That Kills Your Plants

Posted by Ocillious 21st November 2018 0 Comment(s)

6 silly thing you do that kill plant


Plants make our homes and gardens more beautiful. They benefit us in so many ways because of its medicinal values and pretty appearance. But do we do the same things in return? Do we nurture them properly and water them from time to time? All these questions will have a negative answer. We do appreciate when plants give us nice flowers and increase the ambiance of our home, but No to taking its proper responsibility for taking their care. So here we are to talk about a few silly things that lead to the demise of our plants and we should immediately put a full stop on these activities for well being of plants.


1. Overwatering


Over Watering


We have a misconception that a plant would grow better if poured more water. The plant would literally say Stop if it could speak. The plant will be killed if you over-water it because the root of the water gets drowned. If you are watering outdoors make sure you do not make puddles out of the water, you just have to water the plant so that the soil stays wet and moist. In the house plants, too excessive water is avoided, not more than a glass of water is sprinkled on the plant. Excessive watering would not only dirty the home space but is also bad for plants.


2. High Temperature


High Temperature


A plant definitely needs sunlight but not too harsh sunlight because it ill burns the plants. We too know that lower temperatures and frost doesn't allow the plant to grow well but so does very high temperatures. The leaf gets curled up and flowers are short-lived due to very warm temperatures. So always keep houseplants away from direct sunlight when the sun is very hot. For gardens, you can build a shadow of the green net that would keep the garden cool as well as provide the plant's adequate sunlight.


3. Not removing Insects


Not Removing Insects


Houseplants can be repotted every once in 3 months or something because you would not know if the plant is been attacked by various insects. Some invasive insects can even damage your hole garden and kill all the plants. Some of the common damaging insects are whiteflies, spider mites, and gnats. Some insects are plant friendly but not all so you can use natural techniques to eliminate the undesirable insects. Be cautious before any insect attack your plants so you can get weak plants removed, use seaweed or mulch and wiping the leaves clean with water.


4. Lowlights/ Too much lights


Lowlight Too Much Light


Different plants need different degrees of lightning. The plants that are more open to the lights will turn it's brown or sunburned, which will give us a message to keep them a bit away from too many lights. The ones which have a very low light exposure will have very small leaves, will crane its neck and have a pale appearance. Usually, most plants require bright and filtered lights. If you have forgotten to send your friend gift for his birthday in advance don't worry e have same day flower delivery option to save you from your friend's taunts.


5. Unsuitable Location


Unsuitable Location


The plant tends to grow on the plant that has a nice and positive atmosphere. Their hampers when we keep on moving them from one place to another. For example, you cannot plant a houseplant outside in your backyard or garden because it cannot bear the harsh climatic conditions. They adjust their selves to the temperature and light of a certain place and then if taken to some other corner they would barely survive. Thus, the place with adequate sunlight, temperature and also here it will receive the required water is advisable.


6. Underwatering




Under watering is as harmful as overwatering. Underwatering keeps the soil dry and doesn’ tallow it to grow. In some plants, the leaves droop if they do not get adequate water to learn to understand the expressions of the plants. Plants come with the guide or you can check on the internet how much water is desirable for respective plants. Send flowers from you in the garden to your friends for their birthdays.

The sad truth is knowingly and unknowingly kill our plants and so e must take utmost care for its well being.


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