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5 Top Tips for Buying Lovely & Perfect Engagement Ring

Posted by Ocillious 13th April 2019 0 Comment(s)



When you are about to step up for your new journey to live with your partner, it has to be perfect. And everything starts even before the marriage, from the engagement exactly. So, the engagement must be perfect in every way. From celebration to food menu to performance- all have to be perfect. But, what completes the perfection is the engagement ring. Yes, the engagement ring will make the engagement picture perfect. Here are the top 5 tips for buying lovely and perfect engagement ring.


1) Couple Rings



 Sometimes it is the best idea to have an identical engagement ring with your spouse. This strengthens the relationship. In this case, both of you can go together and buy the rings together. If you are that busy or want an imported engagement ring, then you can order from online stores. They will send jewelry online according to your shipping location and date.

Engagement is one of the best moments of your life which you want to be perfect. Above are the best tips to choose the best ring and freeze the perfect moment.    


2) Ring Style




The ring style should always be of your choice- the one you know will fit him/her well. There are four universal styles of engagement rings. They are- Solitaire, Halo, Vintage Shaped and 3 Stone. Solitaire is the design of a metal band with a single gemstone mounted on it. It is the most traditional and classic style of engagement ring style for their forever specialty. Halo is similar to the Solitaire design with one big central gemstone. But it has smaller stones surrounded the ring belt as well. Such a design makes it look like a Halo light. Also, this design makes the central gemstone look bigger. Vintage design as per its name is of classic design with very intricate and ornate detailing. 3 stone design is the one with one three stones in a display with the central one bigger.


3) Stone cuts/Shapes



 There are varieties of shapes of the stone cuts. One of them is the princess cut where you get the stone on the engagement ring is square. There are round and oval as well. You can even find pear and marquise shape but you have to try harder as they are very rare. Cushion and baguette along with heart shaped are the rarest ones which are not available in shape, they are made by cutting stones.


4) Diamonds vs Colored Stones



 No matter what, you should always choose fashion jewelry for wedding. There has been a great dilemma to choose between the stones. Mostly the people remain confused over whether to buy a diamond ring or a colored stone. Traditional white stone or diamond is the best choice of stones if you love to be conventional. But if you are modern then you can try with the coloring stones as well. They are trendy and beautiful. Among all the colors, the royal blue stone is a very famous one. Besides, shades of blue are also perfect stones to set in your engagement ring.


5) Ring Size




The size is the basic thing that needs to be very much perfect. You should know the exact size of your spouse’s ring finger. Then only you go and start choosing over the various designs. One thing you should keep in mind. Imperfect size will ruin all the beauty of the whole occasion. So, you must be the most careful person to go for buying the ring. And yes, do not rely on anyone. You must bring out time to go and shop for your own engagement ring, at least.


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